Friday, April 10, 2009

Tag by Myn Dearie..

Terms & Condition
1. Take a recent CUTE photo of urself.
2. Don't change anything, edit or whatever.
3. Post that picture
4. Post this instruction with this pic.
5. Tag people as many as you want to do this.........

Myn Dearie, ouch! puas lisa carik gambar cute, tapi susah tul nak carik, i guess since i had Tasya, my cuteness dah berkurang kot...lalallaala..this is what happen when ur daughter outshadows u..hahahah...takpe takpe, i redha..hehee..

ok i nak tag:

3 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

a-as said...

alahai cutenya tasya..
anak sapa kan... ;)

PinkJamboo said...

a-as: anak saya la...heheheh...

Messh said...

uit..iiii lisa, wat a wonderful pinky blog i've seen be4. hurm, comelnyer ank u; dh iras2 natasya hudson derrrrrr...heheh

anyway, welcome to my fp(sorry, malasnyer nak update blog oke)..