Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bong Season 5 bersama Tasya

Bong??? Bong is a drama that is aired on do i know? sbb my big sista is the Production Manager tuk citer nie. so, sape yang nak belakon, sila la ctc kakak saya. (btw, if anyone who reads this yg think dirinya ade potential in our film industry do info me coz i can pass you my sista's ctc number) hhehe.

Last weekend, i teman la my sis ni shooting cite Bong, dia suh me dtg pun coz both her son & daughter was involve in one the scenes. hubby & i pun bwk ler da kids including my hubby's lil sista Ipah to the location at Damansara. i brought Tasya aswell.

And guess wut, Tasya became the centre of attraction kat location tu..abis sume org nak dukung dia...heheh.

The main cast, Ikhwan pun amik gambar tasya byk byk..heheh.. sbg Mummy Tasya, sy turut berbangga..wakkaka (sungguh poyo ayat nie, sila jgn jealous!)

(Tasya said: Smile Uncle Ikhwan, i'll make mummy post this pixie on her blog)

(Me yang tgh sgt penat menuggu anak anak buahku habis shooting...btw, bkn i yang bershooting, i teman je, dulu dulu bole ler..heheh,)

**If you all ade free time, tgk la cite Bong, its aired every Monday, 0930 pm at TV9, 'Dekat di Hati'..hehehe

DJ Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Arituh, i order ciken from Abg Jaz & Kak Dd, got their ctc number pun from Kak Red ... So, i pun call la abg jazz to order.. actually i order sbb nak bwk gi umah mother in law.. Bile dpt je da ciken, Ya Ampun.....the smell sgt sgt sgt sedap! nak describe pun susah, tapi if pikir perasaan yg tamak nie, rase nak makan ciken tu time time tu gak..bare in mind eh, i was holding my daughter tasya at that time, n sebelah lagi tangan pegang ciken..(ahahhaha, just imagine, if i makan ayam dengan lahapnya n tasya pulak di sebelah tangan lagi)

Setelah sampai di rumah mother in law ku, ingatkan nak teruk makan, tapi mak pulak tiada di rumah, she went for kenduri...means kena bersabar la sambil amik bau je..hehehe..
when mak came home, all of us berkumpul in the kitchen except for me yang tgh sebok dok depan. Suddenly i heard diowang tgh bising bising kat dapur, den i teringat, omg, need to take pixies of the ciken. apelagi, berlari la..sampai je dapur, i saw the ciken dah kena potong..wakkakakak... den i told hubby, i need to take pixies to put on my blog..den mak pun sambung la balik all the pieces..hehehe.. i luf u mak!

(prasan tak one of da drumstik dah hilang..heheh, tak perlu la saya disclose sape yang buat, coz i know he's reading too..heheeh)

(kite kasik close up sket, ciken yg sgt sedap nie, sape tak order sgt la rugi)

Tasya said: Hello Aunty Dd & Uncle Jazz, my mommy told me that ur ciken is sooooo nice, once i can start eating, i'll makesure mummy buys for me.

Ps: Thanks to Abg Jaz & Kak Dd for sending over the ciken eventho it was a last minute order. Lain kali, kite jumpe lagi yea. Tk Cr.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

weiiiiii..tak tahu buat kerja mehhhh???

Today i was early to office, coz i had to sent mama for her medical check-up at UH. Masuk je ofc, i realize that my drawer was left open, and the box yg i simpan all the locker keys tak tutup! ape case???

i punyalah hangin!!! apehal??? ni sume keja mangkuk la nie, weiii pompuan gile! don't u noe how to put back the things that u hv used! don't u know those are they keys to the documents yg sgt P&C. where do u put ur brains huh?? ur suppose to be the 'PERSON IN CHARGE OF FINANCE' and you should know better that those documents are really really P&C.

The things that mangkuk does really pisses me off! the reason i dok revamp all da filings system in the office for the past 2 weeks sbb mangkuk claim ade documents yg hilang! pastu, as usual mangkuk tak nak mengaku! i had to look for the document all alone OK!! ALONE!!!!

Yang tak bestnya, when the documents went missing, mangkuk accused 'exStaff' yg curik all the documents!!! Ya Allah, ape jenis punya pompuan la nie! carik punya carik, i found all the documents being compiled in 1 file, demmmmm, i told mangkuk bout it, then br la dia mengaku said dat she forget abt those documents....KO KENAPE AR MANGKUK??? work smart bole tak?? u claim dat you have ACCA, tapi the way you do the work cam budak yang tak skolah! hish, i feel like slapping her face. My tahap kesabaran dah sampai to the max nie..

(tgk tu, all the locker keys are attached to the lockers, before i left the office yesterday, i told her to put the keys back to the proper place, tapi si mangkuk nie tak buat)

Hmmmm, sometimes bile org buat salah, i can forgive, tapi ingat tau, i never forget! things that mangkuk does really pisses me off coz i feel she keeps repeating the same mistake everytime, pastu the most sakit hati part is, pompuan nie tak pernah nak admit and she put the blaim on someone else!! itu enggak fair OKKKKK!

Let me close this entry with this pixie..

Tasya said: I'm not gonna say anything this time, let my pixie do the talking!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

when an antic got PIMPed!

Hubby got a call from Abg Firdaus. Keta dah siapppppp!!! yippee, i wonder how it looks like, as far as i can remember, when i last saw the car, it was UGLY. hehehe..

After 3 mths of waiting, it finally paid off...i could not imagine the car turn out nice. Well, the only part yang tak best is...keta tu tak kaler pink...wakkakak..

but, Hubby suke..coz he said it looks like bumblebee.. Overall, mmg puashati with abg firdaus nya workmanship! sgt tip top! this is my 3rd time sending n pimping our car with him! Dari kelisa ke aveo ke subaru..and if ade keta baru, still antar kat abg firdaus. He's job is excellent! and harga dia, sgt berpatutan (tade la cekik darah mcm kedai lain).

Mikail tgh posing-posing with bumblebee..

Ni la tukang PIMP bumblebee..abg firdaus.

ni pulak staff-staff nya 'the pimpers'..hehe.

Tasya said: Cantek kan my daddy's car..yayyyy, its gonna be mine, but daddy, i would prefer a caldina la..(hehehe)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yesterday, sampai je umah, suddenly i saw this car was nicely parking at my parking spot!! aik, dah la i'm so exhausted, then sukehati mak paknya parking di tempat ku!! wut is disssssssssss???? when i ask the security guard, he mention that org tu tumpang parking jap!y my place?? eh, bkn ke dah ade visitor parking??? ni mesti case tak tahu la nie. hish, if tak tahu, tanye la cik abg oiiiiiiii, jgn la main nak letak je keta tu!! i was waiting at the parking for 1/2 an hour, a lot of things bole buat in dat time tau, u have wasted my time ok!

This is Mikail, dia nie my nephew, abg to Leya, i ask him to teman me..dia pun ape lagi, batu api ler jadinya...hehehe.. tks Mikail for 'temaning' me.

i dgn selambernya, blok his car! sakit hati sgt, time to tak pikir ape dah, i told the guard to look for the car's owner, before i tell my dad!!! (sebenarnya, i dah ckp with ayah, ayah pun bengang, nak turun time-time tu gak, but i said takpe, let me settle dulu)hehehe.. it other words, let me fight my own battle dulu!!

Lain kali, jgn la sukehatik park merata-rata yer, if tak tahu, ASK!! when i saw him, he said sorry, and since i tgh 'temper' i just gave him dat typical annoying mcm nak mkn kind of look n just walk away!!! sometimes silence leaves more impact on ppl.

Let me close this entry with this pixie.

Tasya said: Nextime don't park at mummy's parking, ur lucky i was not at the scene, if not i will byte u! Now, let me give u the STARE!!! (takut la tuuuu!!!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Angelina Jolie vs Tasya Mohsein

Must i say more abt this pixie??? tgk la si kenit nie, kecik-kecik dah pandai these days..heheh, well, she's my daughter, she's gonna be 6 mths dis Feb. Dah pandai pusing, pandai jerit-jerit, if she shouts, satu floor leh dgr her voice.. i tink i noe where she get her screaming from???heheheh...sape eh??sape eh??
Tasya= Daddy's sweetheart! she gets away with a lot of things since being Daddy's sweetheart...Daddy wakes up in da middle of the night to feed tasya.. well, i'm lucky to get a great hubby like him! Luf u pa!

**Well, i shall give the credits to kak yumm, since she loves taking tasya's pix!

the CiNA side of me!!

Gong xi..Gong xi....
Mak cina, ayah plak melayu, ME = separuh cina separuh mlayu ar!!!! very proud of it kay! every year it has been a family tradition for us to do a family gathering, for the eve of chinese new year, all of us will be at Poh-Poh's place. I call it da noisy nite! hehehe, bising tapi besh..u noe, bile dah lame tak jumpe, ckp bukan la biase biase, tapi sume cam jerit-jerit, till this very day, i cant figure out, why we do dat...hahhaha, over excited kot!
On the day of CNY we went to uncle's kenneth place in kajang, hubby was already feeling unwell, tapi we still went, rugi woo, sian tasya tak dpt collect angpow nanti..hahha..afterall, this is her first CNY.
the house was huge, haih, bile la nak dpt umah besar camtue...heheh, nak berangan la kejap!!!
back to da cny story, in the evening we had karouke, as usual, my mom mesti nyanyi punya! well, eventho dah pencen si Maureen Chan(mama saya)nie, dia tetap tak nak kalah ok! heheh, my mom has a very husky voice, sedap!!! (mesti la puji, dia kan my mama), tapi, me xpandai nyanyi, my bro yang Daniel pandai..sedap suare dia..kak yum cakap mcm kerispateh..yer kerrr???? hehehe...Karouke nvr ended, they kept singing till nite..pastu siap joget lambak lagi.. all my uncle n aunties funny, coz i never saw them dancing before..we really had fun, tasya pun had fun too.
we had fireworks aswell, the food was awesome! tks aunt lenny for the delicious food!
Err, kan tadi i said hubby was unwell, tapi bile da karouke was on, i tink he forgot that he was sick, coz tiba tiba dia nyanyi cam dah tak sakit lagi..
We left kajang quite late, Tasya was fast asleep when we left. We really had fun on that day! Hope to have more fun next CNY!