Thursday, April 30, 2009

bile screen laptop ku retak seribu..

I can't seem to find the best word to describe my feelings today. One of the most precious things i have with me is broken. Some people might say, its just a laptop. To me, its more than that. To repair the screen itself will cost me RM748.00...With that amount of money, bertin-tin susu Tasya i bole beli. come laaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Mood tade. Why? Sebab byk duit kena banjer bulan nieeeeeeeeee................................................................................................ (bile ade niat nak menyimpan, dan dan tu la ade je benda nak kena byr...)

Well, benda dah nak jadi.. can't blame anyone but myself. sigh. :((

notakaki: rezeki dimana-mana kan??

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Geram yang Geram. grrrrr...

Penatnya todayyy....

Its 1521 and i baru nak lunch..Had a short meeting in KL this morning and as usual if meeting kat bangunan nie, mesti ade issue ngan 'mak guard' yang poyo, konon-konon macam inspector polis bagus je. Dari Tasya in my tummy lagi, dis 'mak guard' dok kerek-kerek with me. Ade ke, mase i tgh preggy dulu, dia tak bg i parking kat bwh building tu, dia ckp visitor tak leh parking sini, pelabur je bole..wei, sbg seorang pompuan, ko tak sedar ke perut saya sedang memboyot??? huh huh? have some sense in your brains should know better, ko pun dah tua, confirm ade anak. And kat luar tu tgh hujan, takkan la i nak pi jumpe boss kejap pun kena parking kat sebelah building..afterall, i pun ade account asb jugak, so i pun pelabur. DEm..i so dislike this 'makguard'. Tadi mase i gie sane pun, dia dok bising bising ngan i, ckp i bawak laju la, kalau i langgar org canner eh, i siap jawab lagi saying, mane ade bwk laju, if laju means 12okm ..ade je nak carik pasal with me..pastu dia dok buat inspection kat my car..wut da hell?? ko sape? police? suke hatik je kan..tapi i malas la nak gado lebih lebih, i just said sorry n blah..y i said sorry ?? coz my parents tot me to menghormati org tua..tak baik kurang ajar..tapiiiiiiiiiii..dia start duluuuuuuuuuuu...ishh..geram la.

Now, i'm eating nasik goreng biase in front of my lappy. Nasik goreng tak sedap, no taste, i feel like makan nasik puteh lg sedap. haish..dah la mahal. rm4.50 for nasik grg yang tade ayam, only got chili. Cekik darah. takmo makan kat kedai tu lagi. Geramnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Anyways, Tasya dah sihat. Will be updating her pictures very sooonnn...

**Ni la dia, nasik grg yang tak berapa nak sedap and SANGAT mahal tuu..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bangkok Dangerous..

It's been almost 2 years since we got married. Bangkok was our 2nd honeymoon just before Tasya was born. I was 7mth ++ preggy when i went to Bangkok. We stayed there for 6 days and 5 night. I really had fun there. We shop and shop, i bought so many shoes and till this very day i have not use some of the shoes. hehehee...

On the 3rd day in Bangkok, i had to go for a medical checkup. Coz the nite before, Tasya didn't move at all. I was really worried. Elok je sampai hopital, dia start gerak-gerak..
Every single day my parents call me, to check on my condition. My dad even asked his friend in Bangkok to check on us. Sayang jugak ayah kat me..lallalallala..

We safely reach Malaysia the following week. Thank God tak kena tahan ngan kastam, if not confirm kena tax coz i bought too many shoes astho balik malaysia nak buat business..hehehe..

This year, cuti cuti Malaysia aje. simpan duit coz next year, our plan is to go to Melbourne. If ade rezeki, InsyaAllah, sampai la kami bertiga.

Rezeki tak datang, kena berusaha la kuat sikit sementara masih muda (muda ke saya)hehehe..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tasya dah pandai minum vitagen laa..she drinks vitagen using the straw..alaa, so cute. Everytime when she sees a bottle of vitagen, she will scream for it. Jangan la minum vitagen depan Tasya, mau dia mengamuk.. since i dah jadi distributor for vitagen, vitagen bersepah sepah at my mom's house. Luckily she is still small, if not mesti dia dok habiskan berkodi-kodi vitagen tu..hehehe...she only drinks the LB. She luvs it. I used to drink a lot of vitagen during my pregnancy. Hari hari vitagen.. herm, i miss those preggy days la, di layan ibarat princess. Now si kecik dah ade, dia la princess pulak. hehehe..

(minum sambil termenung-menung...)

(pandainya dia...)

Today is payroll day. So my time is occupied. Nak update blog pun tak menyempat.
Yesterday, i got a call from my gurlfwen, she said ade dis gurl from my uni days was asking bout me. Sebok dok soal siasat my gurlfwen about me. Sebok betul la. Very the rimas, get a life la...Sometimes, i just hate it when people dok sebok-sebok bout me. Especially people yang 'depan baik, tapi belakang mulut cam puaka'. Kot kot la si minah ni bace my blog, i just nak ckp 'I'm married to a goodlooking man, dulu dia budak uitm gak, tapi budak transport. He has a career that i'm proud of and the best part is he is the father to my gojes daughter. As for me, I'm working in an IT Firm. I have a wonderful boss and i love my job!
I don't like to kawan with manusia mcm nie, setelah mereka mengata/mencaci kite dulu, then after a few years, buat buat tak ingat..wei, if ever i forgive u pun, i won't easily forget. So, if ur reading my blog and you think that i'm talking bout u, I'm sorry if this entry offended you...lalalaala..i can be mean, but i choose not to.

Notakaki: sape nak beli vitagen bole la email me. murah je.
Kak Yumm si diamond manager..heheheh...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tasya is recovering and i'm really glad...Syukur.

Its been quite sometime since I've updated my blog. I guess i just don't have the heart to update since Tasya was ill. Now, Alhamdullillah, she's getting better. This is the longest she's been unwell.
This is Tasya lepas baik demam...Cedih je muka dia..sobsob..mummy n daddy luf u celots dear!

xoxo. Ms.PinkJamboo.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tasya @ HUKM

Sunday, 12th April 2009. Tasya was admitted to HUKM due to viral infection. She is down with diarrhea and vomiting. We waited for 1 hour for the doctor. They took her blood samples and told us that she will be placed at the observation ward for 4 hours. No medicine were given.

(Tasya little hands..haish, sian dia)

(Eventho she's ill, she still nak main)

(she's asleep, she must be really tired)

(after hours of waiting, they transferred us to the Pediatric ward)

(Tasya trying to take off the drips attached to her hand)

(tgk tuu, buat muke bosan la tu..hehe )

(i guess, she wants to come out from the baby cot)

(haish, i can't bare to see her like this, she really look sick)

(The nurse is trying to pull out the drip from her hand)

(i just can't bare to see her crying..sob sob)

(ok..all done..lets go home dear)

Tasya is still unwell. She's at home now, resting. Hubby is also unwell. As for Me, its really been a hectic week. I really hope both of them will recover soon. Hati mane yang tak sedih, bile tengok orang yang paling disayangi jatuh sakit. I feel really really sad. But for their sake, i shall hold all my tears n be strong for them. I love you both.
As a mother, i just can't bare to see my daughter in pain. Dear God, Let me be in pain, She is just to little to feel the pain.
To fwens that came to visit Tasya, i really appreciate it. TQ so much!

xoxo. Ms. PinkJamboo.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tag by Myn Dearie..

Terms & Condition
1. Take a recent CUTE photo of urself.
2. Don't change anything, edit or whatever.
3. Post that picture
4. Post this instruction with this pic.
5. Tag people as many as you want to do this.........

Myn Dearie, ouch! puas lisa carik gambar cute, tapi susah tul nak carik, i guess since i had Tasya, my cuteness dah berkurang kot...lalallaala..this is what happen when ur daughter outshadows u..hahahah...takpe takpe, i redha..hehee..

ok i nak tag:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

TQ Kak Elyn, TQ Myn.

I met a blogger friend of mine early this morning. I went to sent the whole bag of charm bracelet to her. Thank you kak elyn for ordering sampai 4 sets of charm bracelets. i heart you. Once i have siapkan your charms, i will deliver it to you eh. That is one story yang buat me happy today.

Another story is, i met a gurl call myn via my blog. I nvr met her, but it seems my m.i.l are friends with her mother. What a small blog world afterall. hehehe.. We emailed eachother astho mcm dah kenal for years. actually kenal br 2 hari je. heheh.. Anyways, i terharu when she said this to me via email of course, 'but now i found 1 new friend, it's you'. so sweet...thank you dear! anyways, myn ade salesblog. try to check out her blog at

I guess, its just a wonderfull day afterall.

Notakaki: Disebabkan tasya yg agak ganas, she has destroyed her walker. papa, u need to fixed it.

(Tasya said: When i meet both aunt Elyn & aunt Myn, i'll give u a bear hug and a kiss..hehe.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't be rude ok!

Its 1631 hours. I was busy completing all my reports before i leave the office. Suddenly, the door bell rang. ting tong ting tong. Hish, sape la dtg petang petang nak sibok kat ofc nie..hish..access card mane???weii, i'm busy laaaaaaaaaaa...

I peek at the glass door. I saw unfamiliar faces. My boss dah pesan byk kali, don't open the door to strangers. BAHAYA! so we spoke thru the glass door. The conversation went like this. U be the judge ok.

Me: Yes?
Si pinglet: was waving his business card to me..
Me: ohh, ur colleague came the other day.
Si pinglet: Then why you never call us to order?
Me: i was like wtf la?? muke blur gak sbb my mind is not with me, aku kan busy dan mengantuk! cis
Me: wut did u say?
Si pinglet: Y never order?
Me: Excuse me, we are not interested. We have our preferred supplier.
Si pinglet: Y? our price very expensive meh?? (sambil buat muke yang aku rase nak tampar dan dan tu jugak, u are very lucky the glass door is shut, if not, i will kick ur balls)
Me: We are not interested. GEt LOst! ( i tak ckp pun get lost, hehehe) ckp dlm hati je.

Actually si pinglet tu nak jual toner. Come on la, u nak jadi salesman, pakai la proper, if pakai kemeja tu, makesure pakai la kemas kemas, jgn dtg office org belagak mcm gangster kat PS tu..mamat jual vcd lagi stylo dr ko tau tak. and makesure u speak good language la.. tak kira la bahasa melayu ke, english ke. tapi proper la sikit. I pun buat sales juge. tapi, tade la nak harrased my clients n buat diorang rase takut. Hish, petang petang org nak hepi, dia pulak buat kite geram. Aku pang baru tau. Nak ngadu kat hubby laa...paaaaaaaaaa, ade org buat me angry!!!!!!

(Tasya said: How many times must i tell you, don't make my mummy angry, nanti i slap u. U tink u besar i takut with you?? huh??meh sini, meh sini..)

Notakaki: Manners is very important.

Bile si Pramugara beri present pada si comel.

The world's youngest flight attendant!! From Air Asia.

Presenting...Sofea Natasya. lalalalala..
(Clothing sponsored by Uncle Nazrul si Pramugara from Air Asia. TQ Uncle Nazrul)

(lift up your body lil gurl!!)

(Macam tgh bagi speech pulak)

(Makan time: comotnya dia makan..hehehe.)

(This is what she does, when she's full. Tasya said: Get that spoon away from me!!! hehehe.)

(Look at her merajuk face!!)

(Here comes Daddy to save her!! She's Daddy's gurl indeed..)

(Tasya said: Mummy mummy, i've told u Daddy will pujuk me!! yayyy..)

(This is Tasya while watching TV..senang je hati dia..)

(When she's bored, she'll eat her little toes)hehehehe..

Pixies curtesy by Kak YUMM, TQVM kak Yumm.

NotaKaki: Its all about the lil one. We HEART u Munchkin!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PinkJamboo at KL Sunday Market, CapSquare.

On Sunday, 5th of April, PinkJamboo was trading at KL Sunday Market located in CapSquare Kuala Lumpur. It was sunny in the morning, but around 12pm it started raining. Not many people were there. Probably, the place is still new. Or either the marketing for this place is 'so so only'. Herm, come on fellas, wake up, promote this place la. Its a very good location, but if people can't seem to get information for this place, how are they gonna come to your event. I have trade at Soho, Solaris before this, eventho the place is quite far n quite hard to find, but they had crowd. Clap clap to the team whom promote the place!

Overall, i made new friends, dapat baju baru, dapat luangkan mase with hubby terchenta and dpt jumpe blogger yang i've never met before. TQ Kak Kin for dropping by last Sunday. I was really happy she came. As i mention, we never met before, tapi bile dah jumpe, mcm dah kenal bertahun-tahun, we had lot of things to talk about. Maybe, tu la kelebihan org Gemini ni kot. hehehe. Dekat betul birthday kite kan..Selang sehari je.

A lot of pictures we taken during that day, some of it was from my phone, from Kak Yum's camera n some of it i stole with permission from Kak Kin's blog..ehhehe. Tq tq for the pixies.

(Tadaaaaa..Ben10 pun saya jual tau!!murah-murah je.)

(i called it the 'bulu-bulu'. Cantek, but unfortunately, i'm allergic to it! it make me sneeze whenever its near me.)heheh.

(Bulu bulu lagi...)

(macam-macam ada!!)

(Afgan Scarf..sgt stylo!)

(This is my charmbracelet collections)

(Mase nie, i tgh bz buat Kak Kin's charm bracelet, kena concentrate betul-betul, customer satisfaction if my guarantee!!hehe)

(Tgk tu, hubby dok interview Kak Kin's hubby abt fotografi)

(Tasya dear, nape buat muke tu??aiyooo)

(Ok, now its mummy's turn to take pixie with Kak Kin!!cenyum...)

(This is my customer tetap ler..heeheh, fr. left Mikhail, My Mama & Fara soon to be s.i.l)

(Ni pulak, my lil bro yg dah botak, tiru Tasya la tue..hehe, and his soon to be wifey, Farah)

(Nampak tak the rantai dat i'm wearing??the pendant is actually a baldi tau, specially did it for Tasya, coz she loves playing with that lil pink baldi on my neck, atleast dia tak bosan when i
carry her..hehehe. creative kan saya!!hahah)

(Let me close this entry with the pixies of kami bertiga. Bahagia nya kami. hehehe..sila jealous kepada 'Ex Ex' yang ter'bump' with this blog of mine. TQ Allah for giving me such a wonderful husband and a beautiful lil creature that i call daughter.lalalalaa)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Selamat Ulang Tahunnnnn AdekKuuuu...

Title entry mengikut irama lagu Imran Ajmain..hahhahah (ehh, betul ke eja name mamat tu?) Anyways, today is the birthday of my one and only brother yg muda 5 tahun dari me. Dah besar dah budak nie. He's name is Daniel. Bro, happy birthday. Sila claim present tahun depan. Tahun nie budget i lari..heheheh...

How time flies, i miss the days where i used to bully Daniel. Well, i kan kakak. If i tade keja, i carik Daniel to bully la...He used to be smaller than me, i guess, he has outgrown me la.. ker i yg tak grow-grow nie?? confius jap.

Banyak kisah-kisah hepi with me and my bro. Biase la, adek badek tak ramai, i have 1 elder sister and 1 younger brother, so if gado pun, tak kemana, sekejap je dah baik.

Daniel, u ingat tak lagi mase u darjah satu???? hahhahaha, takpe la, tak yah ckp la, nanti dia malu..hahhaha.

anyways, i hope you dipanjangkan umur, di murahkan rezeki, and happy always. No matter how much i bullied you dulu, just remember that is how much i appreciate having you as my little brother. (actually i jealous, takmo adek lagi!!) hahahhaha..

Pixie below is my bro. Muhammad Daniel b. Redzuan. Nampak tak tahi lalat kat mulut dia tu??haaaaa, tahi lalat tu ikot my mom, mase kecik-kecik dulu, i slalu jealous, i always asked my mom, why God didn't give me the tahi lalat. So disebabkan sifat cemburu yang amat tinggi, setiap kali bile Daniel tido, i akan kopek-kopek tahi lalatnya..wakkakakaka.. unfortunately, sampai skang tak berjaya. hehehehehe.. andd..i slalu gak ckp to daniel, i tink your tahi lalat is getting bigger each day, i rase baik u gi operation buang tahi lalat..hahahaha.. kejam.
xpe, i will teach tasya very soon!!! beware Daniel. hahahahah.

Ps: Happy birthday Bro, we luf u. HUgs: Me, hUbby and lil Tasya.