Friday, January 20, 2012

Senyum lerr, cutiiiiii naaaaaa

Looonnnggg weekend approaching... Cuti pun hati tak senang, still bawak workload back home. Sungguh workholic lah saya.. hahaha...

Sunday and Monday ade Wedding Shoot @ Melaka. Can't wait to shoot in Melaka... Sambil shoot sambil tengok negeri orang, its not like i get to go to Melaka everyday kan!!

Looks like dis CNY i will be in Melaka lah, kids will be at mama's place, and both of them will be going to my mom's side to celebrate CNY..

Till then, Happy Holidays and Gong Xi Fatt Chai...

ps: Its almost 12am, but i can't sleep, i feel like going for a run.... run lah sgt, kang terjumpe hantu baru tau..hihiih....

pss: bought nasik kandar for hubby just now, i ate some, now i feel guilty...urghhhh nak runnnnn....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weighing Scales

pix credit from Google

I'm super duper busy every single day of the week. I can't even remember the days anymore, suddenly today is Thursday. MasyaAllah, time passes really fast when your busy.

I did something extraordinary yesterday, might not be a big thing for some people but its a huge thing for me... errrr, i went to weigh my self after soooooooooooooooooooo long. hahahaha.. I'm actually afraid of the weighing scales. When i see them anywhere i will just run. I hate them. They make you feel bad of yourself, unless you're super tiny and can fit those size 00 jeans... since i'm not even close to size 00, i must say 'I hate you weighing scales'... (i need to blame something kannnn!!)

Surprisingly, i may say, my work out paid off, thanks a bunch to my Personal Trainer all the way from Fitness First, Nazmie. I honestly suffered for the first few weeks, i cried coz i cannot tahan those push ups, sit ups, planks, i seriously hate planks but its worth it.....

Running is a very good workout too, i will try to run as much as i can, either on the thread mil or in the park. I run 7km daily...

I don't eat any kind of supplements, jamu or those slimming pills and i never believed in slimming centers. Workout is the best! You will feel very healthy and it really pays.

I have reach my ideal weight, but i want to shed 3kgs more. Working out its not about having a super thin body, but its about having a healthy mind, soul and a toned body. I don't want to be super skinny, i just want to be fit and healthy.

ps: you know there is a saying that is commonly given to most married woman, it sounds like this 'haihhhh, baru anak sorang, badan dah macam kapal, dulu sebelum kawin bukan main selim lagi'... (i must say, i pun penah gak kena, dah tentu baru lepas pantang, badan kan tgh nak adjust, takkan lah anak baru kuar, terus slim kotssss??? pk lah sket makcik oooiii, orang lain ade gak perasaan, kalau makcik yang ckp tu badan macam Jessica Alba takpe lah jugak, ni makcik pun macam kapal titanic...opps!!)

pss: babe, jom jog? Jog online bole tak? i busy lah dis week... heheheheh

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Muddiha is 30 years old.

Happy Birthday Babe!

Let me start off with 'being 30 is just a number', nothing much too worry about lah, after all we still look 18 kan?? hihi

Babe, how long has our friendship been? let me see, errrr 12 years babe!!

We met in Uitm dihatiku, you said hi, i said hi back, we studied in the same class, u were super clever, Dean's list every semester, and obviously you graduated with flying colors..

we have been friends for the longest time
you know me just like flipping the pages of Twilight novels
we have been together even before i met the love of my life

sometimes friendship is weird
when you expect much from somebody they will just brush you off
but when you don't care much about somebody
they seem to appear whenever you needed them the most

i may not show my 'saya sayang awak banyak-banyak ar'
but you know i will always be the friend that will look out for you
the friend that will be there for you when you need me the most

our life may not be perfect
but we try to make things to be perfect in many ways
the best part about trying is believing
and when you believe and put your heart and soul into it,
InsyaAllah, Allah will grant your wishes.

ps: for sure you're gonna cry when u read my entry today, knowing the 'cengeng' u kannn.. hahaha... i tried to copy those friendship poems off google, but i felt, it wasn't original, so what i wrote up there, came straight from my heart babe!

pss: i wanted to bring Jacob to Msia just for you, but apparently he's too busy with Bella's daughter, see that's why i never likes wear-wolfs...hahahaha.. Aaron Aziz junior ade ler kat umah, u nak?? but he's only 1 year ++ old lahh...

Sunday, January 15, 2012


It was Tasya's first day attending her ballet class. She was really excited.. To my surprise she mingled and made friends really fast.

She saw the other girls with their ballerina shoes and she came running asking me to buy those pink ballet shoes for her, tasya has a thing for pink stuffs... Suruh lah dia pakai color lain, herm she wouldnt....herm perangai sapeeee lah tuuu.....

Friday, January 13, 2012

Redha itu Ikhlas, pasrah itu menyerah....

Before i begin with this entry, i would like to say, the title above langsung tade kena mengena with the entry kat bawah ni.... i'm soooo into Ombak Winduu.....

Its been days since i wanted to blog. Time is so limited these days. When i complain to my beloved brother and sister, they will say 'Welcome to the working World'... hahaha.. gosh, as much as they annoy me, but i have to say, i love them to bits.

Well 2012 is a big year for me. I'm gonna be missing my twenties and i have 5 months more to hit the thirties, yeah yeah, some people who like you, will say, 'age is only a number lah'... yeah memang lah number but the true fact is, is i'm gonna be 30... Thank God, i still look like 20 years old or maybe 18!! ngeh ngeh...

At the end of 2011, i was offered a new job. Without thinking twice i accepted it. Syukur Alhamdullillah things are turning out great. As much as like my new job, but sometimes i miss my babies at home, there are times i come home and both of them are asleep. I guess this is the sacrifices i have to make. I reckon Allah has his plans for me, InsyaAllah.

Tasya has started her 2nd year in Qdees. She's so excited going to school. Ryan hasn't not started school yet, so he's still busy acting dramas.. eh salah, busy playing toyss.... hehehe.

Herm, as for my dearest hubby, biase lah bz with work, business and busy entertaining me and kids. Thanks pa for always being there for all of us even your soooo bz with work. Thanks sebab layan me to watch Ombak Rindu at home, and when u saw me crying u said 'Sayang, tu kan pokok and burung jer, why are u crying'...chetttttt terus i laugh. why paaaa whyyyyyy!!! hahaha.. anyways ade a few sources told me that hubby looks like Aaron Aziz.. hahaha.. ya mehhh?? erm, i must be very lucky then... kekekeke..

ps: my working out has paid off...yeahhhh! i'm liking 2012, Ombak dan batu ni lah yang menjadi saksi... (hahaha, tade kena mengena pun Ombak and Batu, i just picked it off the ombak rindu movie)

Ni lah Aaron Aziz Junior....heheheheh