Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rosak lagiiiiiiiiiiii.............

Yesterday when i arrived home, my mom told me, my sweet lil daughter broke something..i was like, OMG!!!! what did she break..ohohh...herm, and then i realize Tasya was sitting on a different walker, not the one that i bought for her. I asked my mom, mane peginya walker Tasya..rupe-rupenya, that is what she broke la...aiyoooooooooooo....anakku!!!! mummy beli mahal mahal tot nak simpan n bagi ur future adek, looks like no chance laa...Tasya pakai pun tak sampai 3 bulan..dah pecah..Well, sememangnya anakku super lasak.

Last month i broke my laptop screen n my handphone. This month Tasya broke her walker..Well, kemana tumpahnya kuah if tak ke nasik kan..heheheh....

Well, this is Tasya's broken walker.

The two kids in the pixie above is my niece n nephew, dua dua dok sibok nak pegang walker tasya, ni mesti case nak kuar blog la nie. heheh..

Can you see the cable tie (betul ke eja nie), arituh dah tercabut sket, tapi hubby dah repair, kali nie, abis sume tercabut.

Mase nie, i dok bebel-bebel at Tasya. Tgk tu, pandang pun tak! haish, budak kecik nie..rase nak geget je...

Ni la diaaaaaaa..muka i'm sorryyyyyy MOMMYyyy yg Tasya gave me..haish, sayang u so much la my dear!!!

Lastly, kite kasik close up sket pipi Tasya yang tembam nie....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buah hati pengerang jantung..

While i was having my lunch, suddenly my phone was beeping. It was an MMS. Usually, my darling sis in law to be will send mms to me. The pictures will always be Tasya's pixies la...

Alaaaaaaa...she look so innocent in this pixies...hilang windu kat Tasya....
My mom dressed her with the lovely dress and a matching hat attached with two cute...

Each day passes by, i realize that my daughter is growing very fast...Now i really miss her so muchhh...

Here you go...Ni la buah hati pengerang jantung saya. (Pa, u pun my buah hati pengerang jantung tau)

(Helloooooooo...i told u i will be featuring in mummy's blog today...Cantek tak rambut saya??)

Ade orang suke saya laa..

Eh eh laaaa...heheh... ade org suke blog saya laaaaaa.. TQVM........... i appreciate it from the bottom of my heart...(mcm lirik lagu pulak..)


1. The winner can put the logo on his/her awesome blog..
Ok Done.

2. Link the person you received the award from
Mik'yal: one the first blogger yg bg comment at my blog. i still remember how happy i was when i received her comments. hehehe..TQVM dear.

3. Nominate at least 7 others blogs :
lalalalal....mesti org dah ramai dpt kan..tapi takpe..nak bagi jugak!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

OMG...baru nak update..

Its been ages since i updated my blog. Mungkin kah diriku ini terlalu busy or sengaja buat buat busy. Herm, or just maybe i dah dijangkiti penyakit M. But i sincerely think that i'm really really busy. Alhamdullillah, i still have time for my family.

Last Friday i took leave. Hubby pun amik leave gak. Both of us decided to spent time with the lil one. Sian dia lame tak gi jalan jalan. Mummy & Daddy dok busy meniaga je. heheh.. So, we took her to KLCC. (odw to klcc sempat lagi singgah antar vitagen kat bank bank yg berdekatan klcc, well, bile ade rezeki, jgn ditolak..thx to my cousin yg rajin dok promote my vitagen and TQVM to my dearest kak Yumm too.)

As soon as we reach KLCC i was really hungry. We ordered than we ate. Thank God, Tasya was at her best behaviour.

(We were waiting for our turn..sedapnya Tasya makan her pacifier)

(aaaaaaaaaaa....cedapnya burger tu paaa...hehehhehe)

(can i have some daddyyyy...)

(muke Tasya bile tak dpt burger)

After having our late lunch, we went window shopping. Knowing my perangai, i tak suke window shopping. Memang tak sah if i never buy anything. heheh.. probably sume pompuan mcm tu kot. We bought Tasya's stuff, which i forgot to snap the pixies. When dok sibok pilih Tasya's gadget, i was telling hubby on how cheap it was, n why do we need to buy a lot..hahhahah. After hubby bagi green light, i pun dok pilih pilih, den ade this hamba Allah came to me and said, not necessary to beli byk, coz nanti mesti ade sale lagi...i pun terkejut, den i smiled back, and she told me, i pun mcm u jugak...hehehe..then we chatted, siap tukar tukar pendapat on baby's product. She was very nice. Probably around my age, or older. Entah la, i pun tak tahu. I pun tak sempat asked her name..such a nice person. I guess, there's always an angel guarding us. Ended up, i beli yg necessary je. TQVM to the lovely lady.
(When she's hungry, better bg dia minum susu, kang bile dia mengamuk, mau satu klcc dgr suara tasya je...)

We had such a perfect day on the lovely Friday. Beshnya...kuar jalan jalan pada hari kerja... lenkali nak buat lagi laa...(my boss reads my blog, so nak tanye la ' boss bole ka amik cuti lagi'..hehehee)

(Helooo, mummy's fwen, its been quite sometime since i appeared here. Nevermind, esk sy kuar lagi yer....heheheh. TATA mummy's fwen. Thank u for reading.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Presenting, Urban Garage Bazaar....

No where to go this weekend?

Come and join us at Halaman, Restaurant Sri Melayu, Jalan Conlay. We will be having a weekend bazaar this 15, 16 & 17 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).

Marilah kite shopping beramai-ramai, anyways, if your intrested to rent a space, you can contact the number above. Spaces are limited. And there will be a price promotion for early birds.

XoXo. Miss PinkJamboo.

Dua Dua Demam

Have not been updating my blog for few days coz Hubby and Tasya are sick. Hubby had high fever. Doctor gave him 2 days of MC to rest. Kesian hubby.

As for Tasya, she got her fever from hubby. Coz dia tak leh dok diam, dok kacau daddy dia rehat. heheh...Now, dia pulak yang demam. Lately the weather pun sgt la panas. I feel like staying in the fridge...tapi kang, keras la pulak..hehehe...

And as for me....I'm still going strong. Luckily tak sakit, if not, canner la nak jage both of them.
This week, it will be a busy week for hubby n me. We will be organizing an event this weekend. Its called 'Urban Garage'. To be exact, its a bazaar actually. Will upload the details shortly.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mama, i Luf You.

Being a mother myself, taught me to appreciate my mother more. Till this very day i still wonder, how could my mother ever cope up with us. Yeah, i know its just the 3 of us. But u know, the nonsense we gave her, the tantrums we throw, the stupid questions we asked and the list goes on..hehehe....

Ma, if you ever read my blog, i want you to know that my love for you is forever. U mean the world to me. I remember those day, where you used to make noise and tell me to study hard if not I'll be a dustbin collector, i know it sounds silly, but at that very time, i tot if i don't study well enough, i would end up to be a dustbin collector. I think what she meant was 'sampah masyarakat' kot.. Thanks Ma for making noise. It paid off!

I remember when i was little, mama had to be admitted to the hospital due to her heart condition. I was very young that time, i had to take care of my lil bro that just entered Year 1. Gosh, it was not easy. Eventho ayah was there, but u know, its not the same. But thank God, with your blessing Daniel didn't even shed a tear when u were not around to be with him on the first day of school. How could i ever forget that, at a very young age, i had to be you. To take care of Daniel. You taught me well ma. (Bro, ingat tak??? i was so excited to buy you the choc. milk in the box, and because of that i forgot to buy your school badge, then ayah was so angry, then we hid the choc. milk under the bed till mama was discharged from the hospital..hahahha)

Now, your taking care of my daughter, Tasya. Everytime i see you carrying her, feeding her, putting her to sleep, singing lullaby for her, it just makes my heart melt. I guess, that was the same way you took care of me when i was Tasya's age. Thanks Ma.

Time passes by so quickly, but your love towords us never change. So does our love Ma.
Thank you for bringing us up with all your love. We really really appreciate it from the bottom of our heart.

(Mama and i during my 'akad nikah' ceremony. I still remember how she cried. Don't worry Ma, i married a good man.)

(Pixie above are my siblings with mama. Fr. left is Xie Da, Mama and Daniel. They have outgrown u Ma..heheh. Its only me that is still shorter than you. I guess, i stop growing when i was in Year 4..hehe)

Last but not least, this is my mother in law. I call her Mak. Mak, eventho you just came into my life, I thank God for giving me such a kind hearted mother. Thanks Mak for always being there for Hubby n Me. (sometimes Mak reads my blog..heheh, Mak, lisa sayang mak tau.)

Dearest Mama & Mak,

I love you so much. Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for being such a great Mother.

To all Mommy bloggers,
Happy Mother's Day to you too. May you have a wonderful weekend.

xoxo. Ms. PinkJamboo.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crank Calls from idontknowwho.

It was 10 minutes to 11 am. As usual i was in the office and suddenly my mobile phone rang. Herm, i wonder who could it be, it can't be hubby, because i'm chatting with him. I heard a guy's voice on the other end. The conversation went like this...

lelakibodoe: Bole saya ckp ngan lisa?
me: Lisa??Lisa mane u nak ckp nie??slh nombor la...
lelakibodoe: Lisa..awak lisa kan...
me: bukan laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
lelakibodoe: saya nak ajak awak pi clubbing bole?
me: pegi clubbing????????salah nombor laaaaa (dgn muka hangin, terus i hang up da phone)

Ade jugak manusia macam nie kan...sukehatik mak bapak dia nak ajak orang pegi clubbing..ko apehal?????? ishhhhhhhhhhh, geramnyaaaaaaaaaaaa....entah mane diowang dpt my hp number...

I used to get calls like this just before i got married. Ade org siap call and say they found my number kat toilet. Entah manusia mane la yang dengki kan..tapi i let it be..i just wonder who could it be. Biar la diowang buat kite.

Sometimes, i suke je buat speculation sendirik, ni mesti case ade org tak dpt nak kawin ngan hubby i, pastu angau, pastu jealous pastu pi letak my number merata rata tempat. sangat ke hubby ku? hahhaha... (mesti la hot, if not, takkan la i kawin with him, i wuf u pa.) Or maybe, ade je org tak suka kat i, and pi letak my number everywhere... apesal la ko buat mcmtu????

But today, i dah rase geli sgt ngan mamat yang tak reti malu dok sms sms n call berkali kali. Everytime nak ajak kuar. Please laaaaaaaaa......jgn kacau lagi..if not i report polis. Ko jangan main main. Tapi since dia ni tak reti bahasa, i nak la letak nombor hp dia kat belog nie..lepas nie, biar sume org kacau dia..padan muka! i wonder who is he...he's number is 0192812841.

Haih, penat la dok pk kenapa org dok kacau kite, sedangkan kite tak kacau org...

(Pixie was taken while we were still 'berpacaran'. Mase ni tgh hot bercinta la..heheh..blom kawin lagi mase nie...)

i've got an award..i've got an award..lalalalaa

I received this award from Myn Dearie. TQVM my dear.

The rules are:
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Now, its my Mobile Phone..

Again, screen handphone pulak yang kong. My handphone was happily lying on my bed, and when i wanted to use it, tetibe gelap je da screen. Ni mesti case lcd la nie..Dah la laptop punye screen kaput, now pulak kena kat my handphone. Adakah ini penyakit berjangkit??herm...
Thank God, my handphone is still under warranty. Warranty pulak expire this Thursday. Harap harap sempat la i claim da warranty. Laptop punye screen pun tak buat buat lagi. Today baru nak antar. Busy memanjang.

Last Saturday, my hubby's cousin got married. The ceremony was held in Senawang. At first, i could not attend, coz i had sore eyes. Tapi, i gi jugak, sebab cousin hubby nie, was my junior in UiTm dulu and her hubby was the same batch as i am, morever cousin hubby yang bernama Norleen sgt la baik and tak pernah pun poyo with me even back in uni days. When i was dating hubby in uni dulu pun, i didn't know they were related. Haish, kecik betul dunia ni kan, full of suprises betul. Since i was having sore eyes, I was wearing the big glasses, bukan tutup mata je, tutup muka sekali..heheheh..(mesti ade org ckp i poyo kan..hahahha, budget nak jadi Paris Hilton la..wakakakk, bukanlaaaa, saya sakit mata la)

On Sunday eveening, hubby and i was busy spring cleaning our room. All because of Tasya. Since most of her clothes dah tak muat, we had to pick n choose all her old clothes to donate. Mane yang elok, i still simpan laa..sayang sgt nak bagi orang. Can't imagine how fast she grows. Kejap je dah 8 months. Baju yang baru-baru sume i dah kuarkan..lepas ni bole la jalan jalan with new baju...lalallalalaal..

As for this entry, i can't upload any pictures becauseeeeeeeeeee my two precious gadget, sedang rosak. Harap Maklum...

Notakaki: saya tak ganas la, tak caya, cube tanya hubby saya..hehehe