Monday, October 17, 2011

Ma, Its your birthday and I love u.

It’s Mom’s birthday today. She’s 54 years old.


I love you very much.

I thanked ALLAH for giving me such a wonderful mother like YOU.

You’re my best friend.

Thank you for always being there for me.

Thank you taking care of Tasya and Ryan while I’m away for work, gym sessions, date nights with hubby and out for shoots.

I wouldn’t trade you for another mother.

Ma, sometimes I wish I was the only child, so that I won’t have to share you with the rascal Daniel. ^evil grin^

But Ma, Thank you for giving me a little brother named Daniel, coz I get to bully him every day, and now I get to bully his son, Adam.

Ma, I still remember the ‘mother-daughter’ argument we had when I was 6 years old, I wanted to wear my school uniform to kindergarten but you won’t allow me to wear it coz it was dirty, I was so angry and I just walk away, I was only 6 years old..Ma, I’m sorry for hurting you feelings. And if Tasya ever do that to me, I would be chasing her with the ‘rotan’ all the way to school, hehe. But you were so cool; when I reach home, u hug me. I love you to bits maa….

Ma, you’re such a great mother. You’re my HERO.

Happy Birthday Ma, and many more birthday surprises to come, you know I love looking at your smile.

Ma, I will always love you and i just can't imagine my life without you.

Tasya and GrandMa.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ryan Oh Ryan

I'm off from work today, brought the kids and mom out for shopping.

Ryan fell asleep in the midst of mommy busyyy dok pilih-pilih barang. Sooo gud boy...

We put him in the huge supermarket trolley, lay him down with his not so smelly pillow. :)

As I was walking from aisle to aisle, and suddenly there was this aunty and uncle was looking at me, being the typical me, alamakkk my baju or pants koyakk ker? Hehehe.

Then he asked me, I didn't know this supermarket sell babies, do you know where can I get them? Alamakkkk, I wanted to laugh out soooo loud, but I didn't, control ayuuu maaa!
I smiled and I answered, there are many at the back there, better be quick before the cutee ones are sold out.. Haahahahaha..
Both of us started laughing... And ryan was still fastttt asleep...

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tasya oh Tasya...

A conversation I had with my precious daughter Tasya a few minutes ago...

Tasya: Mommyyyyy, I bought you flowers just now.

Me: That's soooo sweet of u darlingg, can I see the flowers please?

Tasya: I threw it away mommyyy.. (Then she ran and started laughing)...

Me: Tasyaaaaaaaaaaa...

*she's only 3 and she speaks like she's 30 years old... Love u loads baby gurl!

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it's time.

Dear M,

We have been together for 6 years now, and i think its time for me to move on. 6 years of wonderful memories. Thank you sooooooo much for giving me the opportunity to learn. Learning is one part of it, but the experience is what money can't buy.

In life, 2 things that will change a person to be successful,
1. The people you meet.
2. The books you read.

People used to say, ahhh, u can't do it lah, u got nothing...well nothing is something and i have proven them wrong. At least, I'm one step ahead fulfilling my dreams, InsyaAllah. :)

M, you have opened the door for me, and its now my time to walk thru it.. Thank you M, for teaching me to be who i am today, and M, you will never be forgotten.

Till we meet again, M.

ps: well, Absence makes the heart grow fonder kan? :)
, i'm leavinggggggggggg on a JetPlane, don't know when i'll be back again.... :(

Friday, October 7, 2011

Eh Aku? No lah, i prefer 'i'..

Wahhhh looks like my previous entry adalah sedikit panasssss eks..

Yeah, friends who knows me, memang tau my style, i will try not to say 'aku' even when I'm speaking. Well, entry tu pun dah lepas, so i pun nak Move On lah..... what happened, has happened. I can't changed the past! I'm always looking forward to new things in life, so dengan ini, marilah kite bersama-sama MoveOn... :)

I nak share with u olls pixie yang i snap last night. Both Ryan and Tasya was sooooo natural. I just told them to smile coz mommy nak snap pixie... WAhhhhh, terus posing la both of them.. hehehe...

I hope everyone will have a great weekend. Till then, see ya soon in my next entry.

Ps: Look at Tasya's pose, ni dah banyak sangat tengok ANTM nihhh... heheheh,
as for Ryan, he's a vain-pot, menangis pun tengok cermin... btw, cool tak pacifier Ryan?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sila lah MoveOn....

It took me 1 whole night to think what should i publish in my blog today. Its not a random entry that i can simply write.

Aku dah mula menyampah dengan 'insects' in my blog. I started off by removing the chat box from my blog because i have been getting 'rubbish' chats on the box long time ago. Macam-macam orang accused aku! Wei, aku bukan 'blogger tegar' pun, tak payah la nak tinggal komen sampah!

Bile dah tade chat box, they attacked me through the comments section. What kills me, is this 'insects' dok comment pasal my husband. Wei, 'insects', blah laaahh, whay must you put comments pasal benda yang dah lepas?? You sound pathetic ok!

We are married now, we have 2 adorable babies. Apelagi yang ko nak sebok? Apelagi ko nak ungkit story lama? If either both of us ever hurt you, well, we were young back then! mak aku cakap, kalau nak pilih teman hidup, kena lah yang sayang kite as much as we love them. So since engkau pernah hadir dalam hidup aku atau suami aku, mungkin ko bukan lah bagus sgt pun coz the relationship never ended with a marriage. So, sila blah and move on! tak payah ko nak cite banyak pasal cite lama! People change. Things that happened 10 years back, has happened! and if ko takmo maafkan aku atau suami aku, tu hal ko!

Yang membuatkan aku lebih 'pissed-off', 'anonymous' ni siap cakap, 'sukar baginya memaafkan kisah lalu', ape kisah lalu ko yang sedih sgt sampai tak bole nak maafkan? again, MOVE ON!
Nampak sangat ko tak cukup berani kan, bile dah berani sgt letak komen, why don't you put your actual name sekali??

Hormat sikit bile engkau singgah blog orang, tak payah nak story cerita sedih engkau kat blog aku! Aku paham suami aku 'HOT', tu sebab engkau panas hati tgk aku kan?? hehehe.....

By the way, if ko ever singgah blog aku lagi, which i know you would, i would like to say this to you...
'Whoever you are, Shit happens, so does relationship yang tak sampai ke jinjang pelamin....... and never assumed you know us, coz if you know us well, u will never leave those strange comments on my blog'..... Its funny to see yang engkau masih hidup dalam masa lampau!
Dah 2011, wake up, grow up and again MOVE ON!

And NEVER talk nasty things about my other half and my kids.

mintak maaf and memaafkan adalah satu benda yang paling mulia, truly sorry if we ever hurt you, now its your part to forgive and forget....

Tasya said: No need to kacau my mommy and daddy lah! No need to come to mommy's blog also!