Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Suasana Raya Di Kay El

My innocent look..Maaf zahir batin, datang la ke rumah saya...

Saya tengok bird kat tepi tingkap rumah wan lang saya...grrr

Selamat Hari Raya Semua...

Solat Raya di KLCC..interesting

Posing kat shoping mall

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When Tasya blogs..

(I'm not in the mood, coz my mommy is not well)

Dear Bloggers,

My mommy is not feeling very well. She has been very weak lately. I'm not sure what is wrong with mommy coz mommy is not telling me anything, but she did mention that she will try to blog again after raya, if everything goes well.

Mommy told me, to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin to everyone on behalf of her. Anyways, since i'm blogging on behalf of mommy, i would like to remind to all aunties & uncles out there, not to forget my duit rayaaaaaa...heheheh...

I really hope mommy will recover very soon. Mommy has not done her shopping yet, but as for me & daddy, both of us have bought our Baju Raya!

Haih, i really really hope my mommy will recover before raya. Its a heartache to see when mommy is in pain. Unfortunately mommy still goes to work because she has to settle all her work before she goes on leave.

Well, i think i shall stop now. Btw, Selamat Hari Raya Everyone!! Makesure you have a safe journey driving back to your hometown. Tata..

Sincerely, Lil Tasya.

Ps: Pray for mommy's health ya!

Friday, September 11, 2009

1 Malaysia..

Last Saturday schedule was really packed. Hubby asked me to accompany him to buy some things. Herm, i pon dok terpikir ape la yang hubby nak beli ni...tetibe jeeeee.. he said nak pi survey walkie talkie.. OK la, so we brought Tasya along. Survey punye survey, ended up from buying a walkie talkie, he bought a pair of speakers instead. heheheh..best woooo, now tgk tv kat umah rase mcm kat wayang!! hehehe..

Since there were fish shop around the area, Tasya & i dok 'pau' daddy nak beli fishhh..Tasya dah pandai sebut fishh...Excited gile both of us... Atfirst, i just wanted to get the lil aquarium since ikan pun kecik, but hubby told me to take the big one instead. yeayyyyyyy..Fish fishhh...

After we got our things, we had a buka puase date with kak kin and family. We were late, yer la kan, nak buka kedai kat downtown lagi..a lot of commitment wooo...

Settled je buka puase, all of us decided to go to Jalan Tar, actually i had nothing to buy pun, but since hubby has not bought his songkok, so we decided to join kak kin. The more the merrier kan!!

Lame wooooo, nak carik songkok yang bukan normal size nie!! hubby wanted the 4 1/2 inch to be specific. kurang or lebih setengah inci dia takmau!!

Tengok tuuu, Tasya pun excited ok!!!

Tasya was sweating...Tasya ni tak bole panas sikit, nanti dia temper!!

Chet, sempat lagi possing with mummysya blogger yang tegar & famous. Honestly, kak kin is really really a nice person indeed. I'm saying this not because nak 'bodek' ok! We met at a flea market where i was trading, i didn't expect she would come to visit my booth, sape la saya kan? baru je berjinak with dunia blogging nie. She came with abg zul, few months after our fwenship she introduced her whole family to the 3 of us, ever since then, we have been contacting each other very often. For now, this is the part of blogging that i love most, u meet great people everyday!! Kak kinnnnnnnnnnn..yuhuuuuuuuuu..hehehehe..


Since she was born on 7 Aug 2008, i guess her semangat patriotisme amat tebal. Pandai la anak mummy nie... if you do meet Tasya personally, just go to her and ask her, how old are u, she would show u the number 1, and if u mention to her 1 Malaysia, she will show u number 1 aswell. hehehe.. and if ur lucky enuf, she would even give you the baby talk!

Note: Nak baby ambassador for project 1 malaysia?? Tasya still available..heheheh.

Her new Skills..

Lately Tasya loves to climb. The higher she gets, the happier she'll be. She climbs really fast, in a split seconds she's already on top of somewhere.

Last week, when both of us were still asleep, due to, tido yang amat lewat the nite before, we overslept. Well, since it was only 9 plus in the morning, we thot lil Tasya was asleep.

To my suprise, i suddenly open my eyes and started looking for Tasya, usually she will be next to me or either in between the two of us, buttttttttttt this time she's not there... I was panickedddd...Suddenly i saw her at my dressing table by the side of my bed..aiyoooooooo...

I woke hubby up immediately, told him..look at ur lil pwincessssss!!!

Yayyyy, since mommy is sleeping, let me do some 'cleaning up' for her!!

Herm...nak main mommy's make up laaaaaa...

Oh ohhhh...i've been caughtttttttttt!! OMG, oh nooooo..mommy helpppp!!!

Note: To all babies out there, don't ever do this at home!! Vewyyyy dangerous!! Luf: Tasya.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bile orang tak ikhlas...

Dah lame i nak blog about this. It happen last Thursday@ 1 of the biggest & listed IT company in Malaysia. Well, being me yang suke meniaga, i got an invitation by my best buddy to trade in her office during their bazaar.

Haih, unfortunately on the day of the event, my fwen had to go for a training, hubby could not accompany me since he had an urgent meeting. So, i went alone. (i kan tak suke aloneeeeeeee..)
But i gi gak, coz semangat nak meniaga mmg la kuat!

Anyways, i had Miss L to accompany me. (ms L is kawan to kawan saya). Thank God she was there, at least i don't feel awkward. Sambil Miss L dok tolong-tolong me with my things, came one lady yang memakai tudung lengkap dengan pakaian yang sgt la sopan.. I smiled at her n ask her what she wants...She just looked at me and gave me that annoying look & she told Miss L,
'ko buat ape kat sini, ko tolong promote barang dia pun, bukan ko dpt komisyen punnnnnnnnnnnn'...i was likeeeeeeeeeee what is your problem womannnnnnnnnn!!!!
Since it happen in the fasting month, i didn't careless about what she said.
Dalam hati, i just said Alhamdulilllah.

Ape la agaknya masalah pompuan tu kan..bukanke baik if manusia nie hidup saling bantu membantu. Afterall i menjual barangan yang halal, bukan jual dvd porno ke, drugs ke..yang engkau tetiba nak sound sound apehal??

Haih, thats one of my worst experience meniaga sowang sowang. Rase nak nangis woooo..
"Kak, if akak tak puas hati dengan saya, say it straight to my face, tak payah perli perli ok!" Ur lucky i tak bawak my daughter, if not confirm she will slap u! My daughter very garang ok! tak caye ask my fwenss kan kan kan..... (well kemana tumpahnya kuah if tak ke nasik)

Sayang sekali hidup nie if kite tak pandai nak berbudi bahasa, tak pandai hormat menghormati. Haih, malu la if bangsa kita macam nie! How do u expect younger generations to respect the elders if the elders pun tak sedar diri nak respect yang muda belia nieeeee??? Think think think. Tak perlu la nak 'berjilbab' hingga ke lutut if hati kite masih tidak bersih dan sentiasa dengki pada orang!

Tasya said: How many times must i tell you, never sakitkan hati mummy sayaaaaaaa!! degil ehhh??

Thursday, September 3, 2009

IKEA, Alone.

I've been wanting to go to Ikea since like last month. But i just couldn't find the right time. Well, i managed to 'escaped' during lunch hour just now. I only had one hour to browse thru the whole of Ikea. It was my 1st time going alone to Ikea. Usually i have hubby & Tasya to accompany me. But since i'm working today, i decided to go alone. Takut wooooo...

I hate walking alone. I hate eating alone. I hate shopping alone. I hate sleeping alone. Everytime when i walk alone, my imaginations will run wild. U know, like, what if i'm walking alone, then suddenly my pants will fall off, or i might just fall from the stairs..hahha.. i know it sounds stupid, but i just hate doing things alone. Luckily hubby tags along with me wherever i go. I feel safe with him. I heart u Sayang.

Ok back to Ikea. Oh gosh, i wanted to buy everything since i step my foot into Ikea. Everything seems so niceeeeeeee.. But the angel side of me, was yelling at me n telling me not to spent!!! hahahha...

Let me feast your eyes with the beautiful things... remember, a beauty of something lies in the eyes of the beholder!

This is where i parked my car, I snap pictures of the parking no. everytime i shop alone. In that case, i won't be crying when i finished shopping. hehe.

This sofa bed caught my eyes immediately. I heart the color so muchhhhhh....

I like this, but i just can't find a good reason why should i buy this!

I heart this chair......its so adorableeeeeeee...

i think this is the new design, if i'm not mistaken its RM99.

So cuteeeeeee

But ended up, i just bought this two things...

Its not even in Pink!!!! hahaha. Well, i just bought what i needed. Yayyyyyyyy....

Ps: Kate, i know ur reading this, i only bought this 2 things. hehehe. Miss Ya!
Xie da, beli ni jeee..tak shopping byk punnnnn...hehehehh..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sepatu Pink..

Its been 11 days since we started fasting. Alhamdullillah, i haven't miss even 1 day. Syiok oooo.. Last weekend we had a 3 long daysssssss of cuti. It was really fun. We had to spent our time will lil Tasya. Apart from that, we were busy cleaning up the house, and dok tambah stocks for our lil stall in Downtown. Anyone yang rajin turun KL Downtown during fasting month nie, my advice is datang la around 10pm. The later you come, confirm tade parking. Sia sia kena parking kat HUKM, pastu jalan about 300 metres or maybe more.

Last 2 weeks i received a gift from a special someone. Well, its not for me, but its for my lil one. Bukan main sewonok lagi Tasya dpt her pressie for my lovely fwen. Thanks Kak!

Ni hah diaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...Tasya & her new Pink Crocs. Tasya is only 1 years old. She has sooooooooooooo many pairs of shoesssssss... Me & hubby loves buying her shoes. Those lil small shoes are really cute. Kecik je lebih, tapi harga bukan main lagi, mahal oooooo..

Ni Tasya punyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

She loves shoesssss, sampai rase nak makan! heheh

Tasya said: Mommy mommyyyyyy, look at my crocssss..i love itttttttt...

Tengok tuuuuu, dpt kasut baru, mommy pun dia tak layan..haihh... i love u sweetypie!

Ps; I love U
Kak Kin, TQVM for those lovely sandals for Tasya. She loves it so much! Tks to Abg Zul juge. Btw kak, my shoes saiz 5 yerrrr..heheheh...