Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yes saya merajuk. Why? tak perlu la nak indicate kenape. Its just a reference for me in the future. Dah lame tak merajuk nie. Sometimes kena layan gak hati nie. Dok pk psl keja je, diri sendiri pun terabai sometimes.

Tears? tipu la if tak nangis. Name pon pompuan, memang tak lari ngan sifat sensitif. Sometimes, penat sgt pun bole affect the whole system. Dengan berbadan dua lagi. Its not easy, but i try to be strong at times. I can't remember when i cried the last, wah, means memang dah lame gile.

Year end is just around the corner, sooooooo many things to think. Plans for next year. Budgetary for next year.

I hope everthing will fall into places. InsyaAllah.

Heloo everyone... mummy saya moody.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jom Minum..

This is what she does every morning when she wakes up.
Apelagi, minum vitagen laaaaa, sambil tengok her cartoons sambil tunggu mummy dia bersiap pi office.

Good morning everyoneeeeee, care to join me???

Ermmm, yummmyyyyyyy!!!!


Oh ohhh, its almost finishingggggggggggggg

Mommyyyy, can i have some more?????

Ps: Tasya is getting bigger & smarter each day, i just can't imagine how fast time flies. Lately, she's trying to learn to walk. As for talking, takpayah nak cerita la, mulut tak leh diam.... hehehehe.. Darling, mommy and daddy love you so muchh...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby talk.

Last night when i had my shower, suddenly i had pains all over my stomach, i started feeling dizzy, and at that moment, i felt like vomiting.

No one was at home.

I managed to calm myself down, and i started talking to my baby... I know its sounds weird, but mase preggy tasya dulu pun, i always talk to her.

Mase tgh dok ckp with baby, tetiba i heard a voice from outside the door, asking me, Maaaa, who are u talking too? oooo, suami ku rupenya..bikin gua panic saja...

Then i started laughing, ma cakap ngan baby.. He replied, oh ok, pa pi makan dulu yer.

The conversation was short, but it made my pain go away. I believe that we should talk often to our baby in the stomach. At least, bila lahir nanti, our baby will be familiar with our voice.

I usually get my hubby talk to Tasya n baby before he goes to sleep every nite. Tell them how much he loves them. Lain orang lain caranya, but as for me, this is how we do it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rambut baru / Vitagen.

Tasya just had her haircut. tak bawak gi salon mane-manepun. My mom tolong potong kan je. Potong pun her fringe . Nampak lagi bulat la her face. Now, she's fast asleep. Penat kot, potong rambut nie.

Ni pulak, Vitagen. Lame gile tak gi antar stocks to customers. Kilang vitagen terbakar just after raya arituh. Now baru ade balik. Tu pun mix blom ade lagi.
I just sent it to BNM, new customer, with the help of kak kin of course. TQ Kakkkkkkkkk.. luf u la. hehehehe.

Friday, November 13, 2009


A gift from me to him. I love u pa.

I hope u like the gift. It wasn't so much of a surprise because i had to bring him along.

Me, tak berminat sangat dengan camera. To me, yang penting, its pink, i will be happy.

I was hoping they had Dslr's pink color. tapi hampeh.. tadeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Sayang, fully utilized the camera, January next year we shall run our business with our partner in crime. Sape lagi if not the husband and wife blogger yang sebut je name orang confirm kenal.

So anyone yang nak pre-book us for wedding, family photo, new born or saje suke suke, kindly email me at We are more than happy to meet up with you.


Gambar cilok from hehehe..ampun yaaaa!!!

Mummyyyyyyyyyyyy, what about meeeeee??? i want a camera tooooooo??????

Friday, November 6, 2009


Look at her, dah makin besar anak mummy nie! Rambut sikat tepi, tapiiiii, muncung yang tak bole tahan tu..hehehe..Siap cantek cantek ni nak pi jalan with Grandma la ni...

I still remember mase i was 7 months preggy with Tasya, i did a 3d scan, punya la susah nak tengok dia, coz she was moving all the while. Tetiba doctor cakap, Puan, bibir anak you tebal la.. hahahah...
Den doctor tanye, nanti anak dah lahir, what will her name be.
I pun dengan selambar jawab, as for now doctor, it will be Angelina Jolie. :)

Mummy & daddy heart you so much darling!

46 kg.

Again, i was on MC for 2 days (Wednesday & Thursday). I had to rush to the clinic immediately to do a check up.
My vomiting was getting really frequent. I can't seem to eat.

Hubby rush from the office to bring me to the clinic, coz i was sooooooo lembik.
Tak larat pun nak drive.
My face dah pucat.

My weight is only 46 kilos. Dah 3 bulan preggy, weight makin turun. Makan memang tak lalu sangat. I only eat fruits n tomatoes. Hari hari makan tomato.

Sometimes i wish i could eat more. I really need to gain my weight. Alhamdulillah, doctor said, baby was fine, active. Sume dah lengkap. A bundle of joy for me and hubby to see another human being in me. Mummy, daddy and Tasya can't wait to see you darling.

Its only me. Dehydrated. Now, i'm in the office. Baru je lepas muntah for the 2nd time today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kena buli.

Baru je dapat this pixie sent by my brother, ni case buli si tasya la nie.. tgk tu, suar dah sampai kat kepala..cian anak mummy nieeeeeeee...

takpe takpe, sessi balas membalas akan berlaku bile adek saya mempunyai anak.
Don't worry my dearest brother. The day will come!

My brother accident about 2 weeks ago. Teruk jugak la till mc dah dekat dua minggu.
kaki dia abis. abis bukan bermaksud kena potong or what not. Tapi bercalar calar.
Tasya tgk pun geli.

haih, nak kawin end of this year, harap harap cepat sembuh la kaki dia. nasib baik laki, if not confirm wang hantaran kena potong separuh harga. hehehehe...

Tasyaaaaa, sat lagi mummy pulang yer. Today daddy balik lambat lagi, daddy banyak keja kat office tuu.. Keja takpe, jgn benda lain, nanti mummy potong. Tettttttttttttttttt....

3 months.

Yesterday, i was on MC. Still vomitting. My head was soooo heavy. Tak larat even nak bangun. Lemah tak terkira. Probably sebab tak makan kot. Entah la.

My next check up with the doctor will be this week. I should be 3 months pregnant now.
Hope everything will be ok. InsyaAllah.

I've been getting weird dreams lately. Pelik la. Scary pun ade. Haih. Mase preggy with Tasya pun mcm tu gak, always had bad dreams.

As for my eating habit this time around. tade la yang pelik pelik sangat. tapi, i terigin sangattttttt nak dok hotel n makan da hotel breakfast. heheh.. what a strange one indeed.

Note for hubby: Pa jom! craving for the hotel breakfast laaaa.. hihihih.