Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still @ Pantai Medical

Doctor came out with the result yesterday, my dearest daughter has the H1N1 Flu.

As much as I'm trying to be strong, I almost fainted...hati mummy mana yang tak sedih bila mendengar doctor cakap macam tu.. I have not been eating for 3 days, selera terus hilang, sekejap-sekejap peluk tasya, cium dia, she is only 2 yrs old and she has to go thru all this pain. I'm sooo sorry sayang, I wish I could protect you from the viruses out there...

Last night, I had to see the doctor, my breakdown semakin teruk, doctor had to gave me an injection for me to go to sleep.. Tks to hubby & mudd for being around tasya and me..

I miss my lil Ryan soooooooo much... Been 3 days since I last saw him.. I miss his smell, his laugh, his 'melalak', oh gosh I miss every single inch of Ryan.. Please be good my dearest son, once your xie-xie is ok, mummy and daddy will come home.

Dear friends & bloggers, tq so much for ur doa' and wishes for tasya. We appreciate it a lot.. I may not have many fwens, but at least I have a handful of fwens whom I know will always be there for me when I need them the most...tks babes! U know who u are, tks for ym'ing me, gtalking me, sms'ing me, bbm'ing and emailing me.. Luf u loads..

Ps; Let's pray for Sofea Natasya's speedy recovery...

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tasya @ Pantai Medical

Our daughter has been admitted.. Very high fever.. Sama-samalah kite mendoakan agar Tasya cepat sembuh..

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ryan's Gadget..

Sometimes I wonder, when it comes to both of my kids, both me & hubby tak pernah 'berkira' spending on them.. Ermm, biarlah mommy and daddy sacrifice buat sementara waktu..hehe.

Some people might think why do we need to spend lavishly on kids, coz kids grow very fast.. Yes I definitely agree with that statement, we tried buying inexpensive things for our kids, tapiii those thing tak pernah tahan lama n paling teruk skali they will get rashes on their body.. So, should I blame the product quality or my kids yang sangat memilih.. Hehe..

I'm on leave today, spending some precious time with both of my kids.. Both me and hubby been very busy lately, dis weekend pun kami 'merantau'.. Bukan cuti-cuti Malaysia, tapi 'talk-talk, drink-drink, money come in, duit dapat, pahala pun dapat'.. Hehehe.

Herm, To own a ferrari, we need to dream about ferrari.. Huhu.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mommy and her shoes..

Our mummy just got back from shopping..she is really exhausted.. She bought so many pairs of shoes for herself. She bought for me 2 pairs of shoes, she told me it is for school next year..mummy bought for daddy 2 pairs of shoes also..Baby Ryan did not get any shoes, mummy said Ryan is to young to use shoes..

1,2,3,4,5 that is the number of shoes that mummy bought for herself..she told me 'this is what she called therapy'..hehe..

I got to go now, mummy is calling for me.. We didn't behave quite well just now, dats y mummy could only buy 5 pairs of shoes..imagine if we behave well?? Mummy would have bought the whole store.. Hehe..

TOodles everyone!!


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pak Long @ HUKM

I have been away for a while..besides being busy with my daily routine I have also been accompanying my dearest Pak Long at the hospital.. Doctor said chances are really slim, we just have to pray.. Yes I am very very very sad to see my dearest uncle being bed ridden.. My dad has always been there with his brother..I wonder how he feels, looking at his only brother in pain..

Pak long sedang nazak, whoever reading my blog, yang kenal pak long harap maafkan salah dan silap beliau dan halalkan segala makan dan minum beliau.. Sudilah kiranya anda yang sedang membaca, menyedekahkan Surah Yassin pada Haji Zulkifli bin Yaakub...

Ps; Dear Ayah, please don't be sad, take care of yourself and we will always be here for u...

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Haji..

Dear Bloggers, PinkJamboo and family would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha..Yang mane cuti sampai Sunday, happy holidays, as for me, esok dah report duty...hehehe..

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Its a gloomy Wednesday today...having my lunch at Fullhouse.. The interior of the place amat lah comel... Haih, bestnya if dapat buat wedding kat siniiii....hehehehe.

Ps: Pa, I MUST bring you here... Nanti we dating-dating yer...

Pss: babe, leh jage ryan tak...hehehehee.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Lost World of Tambun..

Its 2pm now, weather is breezy but still hot, we are taking a break now.. Tasya dah puas mandi but lil Ryan still tak masuk pool yet.. Tunggu petang skit lah, my lil Ryan is asleep now..

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Cuti-cuti Malaysia...

Finally the vacay that we have plan for months has 'go live'...hehehe. Well, our journey to Tambun was extremely fun...well, the chaos beginssss...

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

They just make me :)

Looking at them every morning just make me wanna smile.. They just made my day lahhh... No matter how late I sleep every nite and how early I wake up every morning, but just by looking at them makes me a very happy mother... Mummy and daddy luf u both....

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Movie Timeeee...

After dinner yang sangat enak, hubby di suprisekan lagi ke panggung wayang yang berdekatan.. I brought him to GSC Signature...besttttt! Hope you enjoy the movie my dear!

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Dinner for the Birthday Boy..

We are having our dinner here..NyumNyum..

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Happy Birthday My dearest HUSBAND!

He is my soul mate, he completes me from the very 1st moment we met!

My dearest husband,

Many birthdays we have celebrated together,
i am so lucky to celebrate it every year with you,
the more older you get,
the more charming you are to me... (to me ok, betina lain jgn sebok!)

Sayang, Thanks for always being there for me,
Thanks for always c0mforting me whenever i feel down,
You are the best thing that ever happen to me,
without you there is no Tasya & Ryan,
I guess we are just meant to be together kan...heheh..

Sayang, again, a very Happy Birthday to my dearest Hubby!
Me love u celots! Tasya & Ryan lufs you celots too..

ps: tak sempat nak update birthday wish to hubby, ade gak yang dok seboksebok pi wish dulu! kecoh ar! tolong respect sikit owner blog can ar! dtg tak dijemput, tinggal comment pulak sesukahati! keco.

pss: Pa, i love u , tonite its just me and u!! huhu.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Help! fire fire..

I arrived the office around 1030am, tak sempat nak panaskan my bonbon, suddenly there was an announcement saying the 39th floor was on fire.. Alamak, 1st thing came in mind, OMG whose gonna jaga my kids if I die? what is hubby gonna do without me??? Ya Allah...tettt, trus pk mati.. Next part kena turun 31 floors down...helpppp!

Adei, sampai lobby my kaki dah menggigil.. I can feel my blood is rushing up n down, jangan la pengsannnnn.. My face was so red..

Guess what, its only fire drilllllllll...adei, btw Syukur Alhamdullillah everything is fine...

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Masih di office...

Its almost 7pm, but I'm still in office.. Ape case kan??? Terbanyak keja lak, adei.. Lucky I ade staff baru duk teman me kat ofc nie.. Cube tgk atas, tu la staff baru I... Hehehe.. Happy weekend everyone.. Take care!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Somebody went to Sarawak..

My dearest fwen went to Sarawak and got me a matching pair of teeshirt with tasya... Canteknyaaaaa.. When I woke up this morning, I saw something on the dining table, being me yg 'Miss don't like sepah-sepah' when I wake up in the I went to the table and wanted to kemaslah.. Suddenly, I saw warghhhhhhh comelnyaaa, heheheh. Babe, u made my day lah, terus hilang ngAntuk I.. Thanks babe, thanks for always thinking about us, thanks for always being there for us, thanks for always adding on my pink stuffs... Hehhehe. U know wut babe, we still haven't gossip since u came back from oberseas.. Wakakakak. Tonite I ade meeting with my boss lak..adei.. Well babe, rezeki tak datang bergolek, kite yang kena tergolek-golek mencari rezeki... Tul tak babe???

Ps: babe, malam ni I meeting, tlg babysit ryan bole?? Hehehehe.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Like daddy, like daughter... mane tumpahnya kuah if tak ke Rice kan??? She's only 2 yrs old tapi dah berangan nak jadi photographer like daddy!! Hehehe.. So, anyone would like to hire anak beranak ni??? Hehehe, meh contact I..

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Finally, we're in..

After hours of waiting.. finally we have entered Cosmo World @ Timesquare.. Tasya is soooooooo happy. She's dancing to every Mickey's song...

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Mickey Mouse..

We woke up extremely early for a Saturday sume becauseeeeeee my beloved daughter Tasya nak tengok akimoshhhhhh at TimeSquare.. Hehe.. Tgk tu, sayang anak punya pasal, lautan api sanggup ku renangi! Hehe. Herm, if sayang laki lak??? Wakakakkaka....

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Yayyyy, its almost weekend!!

Alhamdullillah, its Friday already! Its the best time to spend with our family... Yayyyy. Have a great weekend everyone..
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm on leave today...spending some of my precious time with my beloved kids... Bestnya shopping time orang lain gi office... Hehehe... Indahnya dunia melihat orang lain gi kerja..kite lak membusykan diri membeli-belah...hehehee. Boss, nak extend cuti lagi satu hari leh x? Wakakakak...
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Nite Nite everyone..

Its time for our bedtime..early to bed, early to rise.. Tata...
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I'm trying to post an entry using my handphone... Bole ke ni?? Hihihii. Btw, I just came back from visiting pak long from IJN. Alhamdullillah, he is getting better now.. Thank u Allah.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Operation: Pak Long.

There are soooooooooo many things i want to blog out, so many days i have been wanting to blog, but i have been really busy and my health pun tak berapa nak sihat lagi..... my fever has gone away, my flue has gone away but the cough is still there. My voice still tade, nak ckp pun susah, imagine bile ade meeting, adehhhhhh, nak ckp pun suara tak kuar. :(

Lepas i kena demam tu, tasya pun terkena skali tempias demam tu, sian dia, fever dah sampai 39.9. We immediately mandikan tasya with ice water, haih, wisau bile anak ni demam, kite yg dah tua bangka ni tak leh nak tahan, apetah lagi budak kecik...lepas bwk gi hospital, doctor said tak yah nak wisau sgt coz tasya masih active even dia tgh demam... Thank God.

Mase i tgh demam tu, My Pak Long was admitted to IJN due to his heart. Pak Long dah pun undergo his operation to change his valve to an artificial valve. Doctor said, Pak Long stable tapi masih kritical. I went to see Pak Long just now, haihhh, terus air mata ni menitik-nitik, tak sanggup nak tgk Pak Long macam tu will all the wires surrounding him... Really hope he will recover fast. InsyaAllah.....

Pak Long is the only brother that my dad has, Ayah has been really quiet lately...
Ayah, be strong, InsyaAllah everything will be fine.... Lets pray hard for Pak Long's speedy recovery....

This is my lil pwincess Tasya, dah pandai posing-posing, skit skit suwo i amik her pix..arituh bawak tasya gi clinic, pastu ade budak lelaki around 5 years old kot, dia nampak tasya, terus dia ckp, macam Mia laaaaaaaaaaa..hahahhaha..... adei, budak kecik pun perasan tasya macam Mia... u all prasan tak? ke mummy tasya ni yg prasan lebih..heheheheh....

Tasya loves readingggggg.... tu dia, cube tengok buku ape dia bace.... Syukur Alhamdulillah... :)

Ni plak Ustaz Ryan... ade sape-sape nak buat menantu, meh sini antar slip gaji and bank statement yer...hehehhe..jgn lupe epf slip skali... wakkakakak...
Ryan dah 5 mth oldddddddddddd....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When i'm unwell....

Atas permintaaan ramai..tetttttt (ramai ke) ade lah segelintir yang dok bising bising suwo update...heheh..tapi i bukan takmo update cume kesihatan lepas menyambut hari raya just tak mengizinkan... I've been sick for the past 3 days. Doctor said i kena viral fever. Letih tul demam nie, dari hyper active, langsung tersadai atas katil coz tak leh nak buat ape, tak larat sangattttttt...

Susah bile dah demam nie, macam-macam benda terbengkalai. Cepat lah sihat, loads of things to be done. Nak gi keja pun tak larat nak drive, rase nak pitam je... tapi gagahkan jugak diri ini to drive to work today, amik ko, sampai je ofc boss bising, he said 'sape suwo u dtg office arini? go home n rest..hihih... i jarang sakit teruk mcm nie, i rase dis year, ni lah yg paling teruk i sakit. Rasenya lepas nie, nak gi clinic balik, my throat really hurt. Pedih sangattttttttttttt...

Thank God mase tgh sakit nie, both of my babies sangat memahami, si tasya dok teman me kat umah, Ryan pulak dapat milk terus je tidoo...both of them tak byk ragam...
tapi kesian kat hubby coz terpaksa jaga the 3 of us skaligus, esp in the middle of the nite.. Tks pa for taking care of us, harap harap leh get well soon.

Since i dah lame tak post my 2 little angels in my blog, meh sini i upload their recent pixs that was taken you gooooooooo....

Tasya the big sister.........

Ryan the 'botak boy'.....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sayu hati ini, bile...

InsyaAllah, 2 days more Ramadhan will leave us, haih, sayu hati nie bile Ramadhan hampir meninggalkan kite, InsyaAllah next year will be another Ramadhan for us.

I rase fasting month nie, i jarang sangat nak update, ntah lah, this year i feel our Ramadhan sangat peaceful, maybe sebab me & hubby dah tak meniaga lagi kot, so tade la nak terkejar-kejar nak gi setup the shop lah, nak terkejar-kejar gi amik stock lah... Well rezeki datang dgn pelbagai rupe dan bentuk, Syukur Alhamdullillah, this Ramadhan our rezeki sefamily bertambah murah dengan kehadiran Ryan. Betul la ckp orang, anak itu rezeki yg tak ternilai!

Me and hubby work very hard to give the best to our kids, we don't shower them with expensive gifts but we want them to get the best of everything. So, kena lah mummy n daddy keja extra kuat! hihihi.. InsyaAllah, end of this year, Tasya will start school, ramai yang cakap its too early to send her, tapi we feel its the best time coz her brains macam Sponge skarang nie, so dari dok umah tak blajar ape, baik i kasik otak dia penuh ngan ilmu...

Some people might say, ape lah sangat nak kejar duit tu, bukan leh bwk mati pun!! mmg duit tak bole bawak mati, yang bawak mati hanye Ilmu yg kite dah collect tuk present mase akhirat kelak! tapi dengan duit tu gak lah, i nak besarkan anak anak i! Or probably memang i and hubby suke berbisness. heheh.. Well, some business jadi, some tak jadi...dats y, i cube everything, u'll never know which one will change your life!

Oklah, in case i tak sempat nak update blog during Raya, i would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin... Mintak ampun ya if entry entry kat blog ni ade yang mengguris mane mane pihak, I'm just a normal human being, tak lari dari membuat silap, so if ade galah tolong lah tunjukkan..heheh. (tetiba galah)

Yayyyyyy, raya tahun ni best, sebab i dah ade 2 anak! Pelik bile orang ckp, lah lisa n mohsein dah kawin?? dah ade anak dowang nie??? ape nak pelik nya, dah kawin, mesti lah nak anak kan, btw, ape maksud 'orang macam i'??? herm..peliks. pastu bile i 'bf' my son, orang akan kata, 'laaaaaaaa, u 'bf' rupenya...peliks lagi.. nape eh dgn orang macam i nie... name pun dah ade t*t*k, kena lak t*t*k yang penuh ngan susu, so, bukan ke lebih Afdal susukan anak sendiri!
~eh eh, terlari topik laaaaaaa, i'm sowyyyyy~hihi

Again, Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin dari PinkJamboo Sekeluarga.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Satu Malaysia, Satu Kemerdekaan!!


Bila kita menyebut tentang kemerdekaan, ia adalah merupakan suatu pengertian yang telah menjadi sifat atau fitrah semulajadi manusia. Iaitu dengan lain-lain perkataan,
kemerdekaan adalah sesuatu yang menjadi keinginan semua manusia di dunia ini.
Tidak ada manusia di dunia ini yang tidak menginginkan kemerdekaan. Bahkan ia lebih menjadi suatu perkara yang dicita-citakan oleh setiap manusia. Cuma yang berbeza dalam
pengertian setiap manusia di dunia ini adalah memahami apakah erti kemerdekaan itu dan bagaimana bentuk kemerekaan itu serta bagaimana pula usaha yang perlu dilakukan untuk mencapai kemerdekaan itu.

Dalam konteks ini, setiap individu manusia atau setiap kumpulan manusia atau setiap bangsa, masing-masing ada mempunyai fahaman dan pandangan yang tersendiri dalam
memberikan erti kemerdekaan itu, bagaimana bentuk kemerdekaan itu dan bagaimana harus diusahakan untuk mencapai kemerdekaan itu. Dan dalam hal ini, kalaulah kita
tanyakan kepada seorang individu tentang fahaman dan pandangannya terhadap erti kemerdekaan itu, kelak ada yang akan berkata bahawa kemerdekaan bererti bebas membuat apa sahaja, tanpa batas dan mengikut apa sahaja yang dikehendaki oleh hawa nafsu manusia itu, sekalipun berlawanan dan bertentangan dengan undang-undang,tatasusila dan hak asasi manusia lain.

Lain orang lain pendapatnya, persoalannya hari ini MERDEKAKAH KITA. Mari kita renung-renungkan..Apakah perjuangan kita untuk mengecapi kermerdekaan ini.

Salam Kemedekaan!! Salam Satu Malaysia!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Launch of

Syukur Alhamdullillah we have launch our NEW Photography Website... I've been wanting to update it in my blog, but i just didn't feel it was the right time yet... rasenya dah mase untuk i buat entry for our new website kan... Ape jadi ngan website yang lame?? banyak benda yang terjadi di sebalik i sangat tak puas hati dengan outcome nya, dengan dapat comment dari member-member yang tak berapa sedap telinga nak, i dengan rase tercabarnya, trying not to be 'miss perfect' dok carik web designer tuk 'mendesignkan' my new website!

Syukur Alhamdulllilah, i managed to find a web designer yang sangat memahami my needs for the website, our conversation took place for only 1 hour, the next day he came out with the draft. hebat wooahhh.... i was so happy to with the 1st draft eventho bukan final cut lagi...(herm, bile dah invest 4 angka, takkan outcome cikai kot!! hehe, see wut MR. RM can do!!)

For 2 weeks we've been working very closely with him on the designing of it, dengan dia dok sibok nak transfer knowledge to us, aiyak, tetiba i rase betapa pentingnya ade background IT nie..its not easy woah...ingat lagi mase abis blajar kat uni dulu, i told my fwens, i would never work in an IT company, amik ko, lepas abis terus dpt offer dari company IT, till now, saya masih bekerja ngan company IT, so dont ever say NEVER!! heheh..

So dear fwens, here is the Preview of our new website......
So, anyone would like to hire Syazul Ent., for your photographer, videographer, soundman or even MC kindly contact or email me personally at InsyaAllah, i will reply to your email the soonest!

Rezeki = berusaha untuk mencariknya, sambil tu jangan lupe berdoa pada Allah untuk sentiasa murahkan rezeki kite, with Usaha yang tak pernah putus, InsyaAllah rezeki tu ade... well, rezeki tak datang bergolek, tapi kite kena tergolek-golek mencarik rezeki.. adoi, the word tergolek-golek reminds me of ayam golek lah!!! hehehe.

Ps; I have fwens whom come up to me and ask me this ques... ko buat biz ape skang nie?? my answer would be, 'what do you want me to do, if its halal InsyaAllah i will customize it to your needs...heheheh... i bukan tak focus, tapi i suke menceburi segala bidang, coz u will never know which one will change your life!!! Thank God, hubby pun suke berbisnes, Syukur! Luf u pa.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ryan's 1st Drama - Idola Kecil Balik Kampung

Salam Ramadhan Everyone...

Ryan had his 1st drama shoot on 12 August 2010, the drama title is
Idola Kecik Balik Kampong.. it will be aired on Tv9 during hari raya.. if i'm not mistaken it will be on Raya Ke5 or Raya Ke6.

Kecik-kecik Ryan dah gie bekerja, Tasya pun pi work gak.. both of them will be on the drama..hehehhe..

Penat bwk dowang gi shooting nie, luckily shoot kat umah je, so tade la panas sgt... even bole bf Ryan lagi, Thank God both of them were at the best of their behavior.

Ryan with 1 of the main cast of the drama, tak silap i, nama dia Azam, winner for Idola Kecil @ TV9. (happy betul anak mummy yer)

Ryan with his PA...Mummy Ida, nanti carik job lagi tuk Ryan yer... Ryan nak work!! hehehe

Macam ni la keadaan masa shooting tu..sedap nya makanan tu.....

Tasya yang dah penat sangat menunggu... apelagi, minum milk lah...

Mummy's boy... 'di mana ade tetek mummy, di situ lah ade Ryan'..heheh..

Tasya with her beloved dadi....all the way daddy's gurl.....

I told you it was tiring, both of my sweethearts are totally exhausted. Cian dia....(You don't see Tasya in this pix kan, coz dia dok sebok interview artis-artis kat situ, eh, ke artis tu yang interview dia...wakakakak) I

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tasya's 2nd Birthday...

7 August 2010, we celebrated Tasya's birthday at Mak's house. This time around, tade pun buat party party bagai like her 1st birthday, dis year punya majlis, adalah majlis tertutup..heheh..

Haih, dah besar anak mummy ni yer.. 2 years of age, macam-macam pandai buat, yg paling terror skali buat sepah. hehehe... haih, nasib baik la ade aunty mudd, tasya buat sepah, aunty mudd tolong kemas.. sayang tul aunty mudd kat tasyaaaaaa... tks babe, we luf u too..

Tasya's bday cake from
kak, lisa dah book in advance tau for tasya ni, contract sampai umur tasya & ryan 21 years old..heheeh. The pink minnie, i likeeeeeeee, btw, tasya dah pandai kenal color pink nie, dah pandai sebut pun 'mummy..its pinkkkk'...heheh.

Us singing Tasya her birthday song...happy betul anak mummy nieee...

Panjang nau muncung dia.....heheheh

The potong cake timeeee.....

Nyum nyum........

Adei, comotnya mummy's girl nieeeeee

the next day was her opening present day.... from mummy & daddy

ala tomeinyaaaaa...

Jom masakkkk...lepas nie leh la tasya buat breakfast in bed for mummy & daddy...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Di Pagi Ramadhan...

Today is our 1st Ramadhan for the year 2010, last year in 2009 i was pregnant with Ryan..

Woke up as early as 5am, tu pun hubby kejutkan..sahur sahurrrrrrrrr... Hubby had cereal n milk, me? adoi, makan roti pun tak abis, tapi dok kenangkan nanti nak 'bf' ryan, sian plak kat dia...

So since i started my day early today, ingat tade lah nak kelam kabut g keja kan..herm, tak jugak..same aje..x caya, meh sini tgk wut i wore to work!!

How could i not realize??? hehehe....

Sampai je rumah today, terus gi mama's house, dah menjadi routine for us 'sefamily' to berkumpul at mama's house for 1st day of Ramadhan.. sampai je pintu umah, Tasya was saying...'asham mummy, ashammmmmmmmmmm'... aduh, bile tgh lapar nie, asham pun nampak sedap! heheheh..

lil Tasya with her ashammmmmm....

Its already 5pm, today buka puase for kl is 7.28 pm, waiting for hubby to come n fetch me for us to shopping shopping di petang ramadhan. Bab shopping nie, lapar pun leh hilang. huhuhu..

Selamat Berbuka Everyone.......