Monday, June 27, 2011

Goodnite from PMCC

My babies are getting really bored at the hospital... Siannn them.

Tasya misses going to school, Ryan? He can't wait to go homee and play with his buddy vin 'adam' diesel...

Me? Herm, I miss my beddd!!! My not so smelly pillow, I miss my whole house lah, lack of pink color in my life just make my dayy sooooo glooomyyy... Heheheh.

InsyaAllah, all of us will be 'released' tomorrow. We can't wait......

Tasya is soooo bored until the bed rails pun dia buat toy, she told me, 'Mummy, mummy.. I see starsss, I asked her, can mama see stars too, she replied, come here mummy, this is my telescope..' Aduhaiii, bed rails pun can jadi telescope.. Sooooo creative anak mummy, soooo layak masuk LIM KOK WING yee... Hehehe..

Ryan?? He lovessss playing with the Emergency button, when the nurses comes into our room, he will say 'CHAKKKKK'... Hehehehe... Cheeekyy boyy!

Ps; let me attached tasya's pix with her 'telescope' yaaa.. Byk tul stars diaa nampak. Hehehe..

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Masih di sini, PMCC.

Its Monday, well, its been 4 nights since our stay in Pantai Medical.

Alhamdullillah, Tasya and Ryan's health are improving. Tasya had a slight fever last night, Doctor stills wants to monitor her fever for 1 more night.

This is 1 of my longest stay in a hospital. Hubby also 'berkampung' here, taking care of our angels.

Everyday he will tell me, he's worried to see the kids are not well... Tak sempat I nak ngadu to him, when I hear him saying dat, my hati gooooo sooooo sayu. God, u've created a wonderful husband for me, he's a wonderful dad to our kids, aku bersyukur padamu Ya Allah.

Pa, InsyaAllah they will recover very soon, u will hear them calling papaaaaa on top of their lungs, running up and down. Insyaallah things will be back to normal very soon.
Thanks pa for being there for us..

Rainn or shine ye papa.. Hehe

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Both Tasya & Ryan is in Pantai Medical...

They had very very high fever on Wednesday night. Temperature was 40'c. At times, it will go down to 38'c, but for kids their age, its still high.

Hubby and I had 2 sleepless nights, we won't even dare to shut our eyes, afraid we would not hear our babies crying.

On Friday, the temperature was still there, I brought the immediately to hospital, doctor saw them and immediately he admitted them.

Doctor said, both of them are suspected for dengue, Ya Allah, I almost fainted at that point of time, I held my tears back and calm my self down. We had to wait 2 hours for the blood test result to get back, it was a very loooong 2 hours for me, Alhamdullillah when Doctor came to see me, he said both of them are negative for dengue. Syukurku Ya Allah.
We are still in the hospital, fever is still there, it comes and goes, but at least I know we are in good hands...

Alhamdullillah... :)

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Double Celebration...

Dearest Hubby,

Thank you for the birthday gift! Best birthday gift ever la papaaa..

Thank you for the surprise dinner, gathering all my family for the dinner was a greattt idea. Well, I did smell something was going on tho, but you covered it well when you brought me for a surprise shopping spree.. the bajuuss blinded me from asking furthr question.. Hehehe..

Erm, lepas sambut birthday, its time to celebrate anibesary gak, next to each other only.. 4 years full of loveee bebeh!

Every year in June, u make me smile from ear to ear la papa! You never fail to make me happy.

May Allah panjangkan Jodoh kite, permurahkan rezeki kite, berkati kehidupan kite dunia dan akhirat, anak-anak yang soleh n solehah...Ameennnn..

Pa, 5 years we knew each other b4 we got married, the 5th year, you proposed..n we got married... Now, its been 4 years since we got married. 9 wonderful years we have been together. Wow, 9 great wonderful years being with you.

Love you with all my heart and soul.

Happy Anibesary to our marriage...

*punyalah lama tak update blog, tetiba timbul mood nak update at 5am.. Hehe.

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