Friday, October 22, 2010

Movie Timeeee...

After dinner yang sangat enak, hubby di suprisekan lagi ke panggung wayang yang berdekatan.. I brought him to GSC Signature...besttttt! Hope you enjoy the movie my dear!

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Dinner for the Birthday Boy..

We are having our dinner here..NyumNyum..

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Happy Birthday My dearest HUSBAND!

He is my soul mate, he completes me from the very 1st moment we met!

My dearest husband,

Many birthdays we have celebrated together,
i am so lucky to celebrate it every year with you,
the more older you get,
the more charming you are to me... (to me ok, betina lain jgn sebok!)

Sayang, Thanks for always being there for me,
Thanks for always c0mforting me whenever i feel down,
You are the best thing that ever happen to me,
without you there is no Tasya & Ryan,
I guess we are just meant to be together kan...heheh..

Sayang, again, a very Happy Birthday to my dearest Hubby!
Me love u celots! Tasya & Ryan lufs you celots too..

ps: tak sempat nak update birthday wish to hubby, ade gak yang dok seboksebok pi wish dulu! kecoh ar! tolong respect sikit owner blog can ar! dtg tak dijemput, tinggal comment pulak sesukahati! keco.

pss: Pa, i love u , tonite its just me and u!! huhu.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Help! fire fire..

I arrived the office around 1030am, tak sempat nak panaskan my bonbon, suddenly there was an announcement saying the 39th floor was on fire.. Alamak, 1st thing came in mind, OMG whose gonna jaga my kids if I die? what is hubby gonna do without me??? Ya Allah...tettt, trus pk mati.. Next part kena turun 31 floors down...helpppp!

Adei, sampai lobby my kaki dah menggigil.. I can feel my blood is rushing up n down, jangan la pengsannnnn.. My face was so red..

Guess what, its only fire drilllllllll...adei, btw Syukur Alhamdullillah everything is fine...

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Masih di office...

Its almost 7pm, but I'm still in office.. Ape case kan??? Terbanyak keja lak, adei.. Lucky I ade staff baru duk teman me kat ofc nie.. Cube tgk atas, tu la staff baru I... Hehehe.. Happy weekend everyone.. Take care!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Somebody went to Sarawak..

My dearest fwen went to Sarawak and got me a matching pair of teeshirt with tasya... Canteknyaaaaa.. When I woke up this morning, I saw something on the dining table, being me yg 'Miss don't like sepah-sepah' when I wake up in the I went to the table and wanted to kemaslah.. Suddenly, I saw warghhhhhhh comelnyaaa, heheheh. Babe, u made my day lah, terus hilang ngAntuk I.. Thanks babe, thanks for always thinking about us, thanks for always being there for us, thanks for always adding on my pink stuffs... Hehhehe. U know wut babe, we still haven't gossip since u came back from oberseas.. Wakakakak. Tonite I ade meeting with my boss lak..adei.. Well babe, rezeki tak datang bergolek, kite yang kena tergolek-golek mencari rezeki... Tul tak babe???

Ps: babe, malam ni I meeting, tlg babysit ryan bole?? Hehehehe.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Like daddy, like daughter... mane tumpahnya kuah if tak ke Rice kan??? She's only 2 yrs old tapi dah berangan nak jadi photographer like daddy!! Hehehe.. So, anyone would like to hire anak beranak ni??? Hehehe, meh contact I..

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Finally, we're in..

After hours of waiting.. finally we have entered Cosmo World @ Timesquare.. Tasya is soooooooo happy. She's dancing to every Mickey's song...

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Mickey Mouse..

We woke up extremely early for a Saturday sume becauseeeeeee my beloved daughter Tasya nak tengok akimoshhhhhh at TimeSquare.. Hehe.. Tgk tu, sayang anak punya pasal, lautan api sanggup ku renangi! Hehe. Herm, if sayang laki lak??? Wakakakkaka....

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Yayyyy, its almost weekend!!

Alhamdullillah, its Friday already! Its the best time to spend with our family... Yayyyy. Have a great weekend everyone..
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'm on leave today...spending some of my precious time with my beloved kids... Bestnya shopping time orang lain gi office... Hehehe... Indahnya dunia melihat orang lain gi kerja..kite lak membusykan diri membeli-belah...hehehee. Boss, nak extend cuti lagi satu hari leh x? Wakakakak...
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Nite Nite everyone..

Its time for our bedtime..early to bed, early to rise.. Tata...
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I'm trying to post an entry using my handphone... Bole ke ni?? Hihihii. Btw, I just came back from visiting pak long from IJN. Alhamdullillah, he is getting better now.. Thank u Allah.

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