Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Live Update: Alhamdullillah, operation dah selesai.

Alhamdullillah, everything went well. The procedure took about 1 hour plus.
As i was waiting anxiously in the room, the nurse informed the operation has been completed.
Syukur syukur, Alhamdullillah.

He's still in pain now, he's asleep.

Thank you friends for all the wishes. Sayang kowangs!!

The food and medicine yang tak berusik lagi, coz hubby tak lalu nak makan..sian diaaaaaa...

He's asleep.......

Live Blogging: Hubby @ Hospital

I'm now waiting in hubby's ward. He just went into the OT room. Wisau nya saya... I hope everything goes well. InsyaAllah. Missing him already.

I'm on leave for a couple of days, boss suwoh cuti, coz dia suruh me jaga my hubby. Thanks boss for understanding!

Dear Husband,
You know how i hate to see you in pain,
I wish i could take away the pain from u,
Even when your in pain, u still help me to take care of Tasya & Ryan,
I love u so much sayang!
U never fail to make me happy,
Ur a good father and husband,
Thanks God, for giving me such a wonderful man in my life!

Malu-malu lak dia..............

Tido-tido ayam!

On the way to OT room..

I'm all alone here....