Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interview Sessions.

People often complained;

1) Arghhh, susahnya nak dapat kerja these days..
2) Why lah no work that is suitable for me...
3) Study tinggi-tinggi pun tak guna, vacancies asyik tadeeeeeee jer...
4) I nak gaji rm2500 lah, if bayar rm1800 mane cukup nak makan kat kl niii....
5) Susahlah nak kerja sane, office tu langsung tade public transport....
6) etc...etc...etc......

Well oh Well, sape cakap nak mencarik sesuap nasik kat dunia ni senang? Kalau senang, everyone in this world would live happily ever after kan?

I have been working for almost 7 years, tade lah lama sgt experience saya.. but i started off as a Secretary, well that is what i studied kan.. i went for various interviews, tell me about it! it wasn't freaking easy to get a job... but Alhamdullillah, i landed in an IT company in Kelana Jaya... i remember waking up at 5 am every morning to catch the first train to Masjed Jamek and transit another train to Kelana Jaya. From Kelana Jaya, i had to wait for the feeder bus to get to my office. Herm, yes it was hard but it made me work very hard. I was always early to work, 7.30am dah sampai office.

I remember going home at 3am coz we had tenders to complete, and still, i was always early to work. I worked my ass out lah, it took me 9 months to get promoted. Alhamdulilllah. Immediately i bought a car.

Soon aftere, i received a job offer which i didn't even look for, Rezeki dari Allah, my salary jump was very high. Syukur Alhamdullillah.

Now, I'm at a new place, its not just a job but its my Career. Still learning, adapting and getting used to the new role.

Sometimes when i have conversations with fresh graduates (well not all fresh graduates yah, no offense tau), they often complain about not having jobs that relates to their field. Well dear boys and girls, life isn't always fair! You are very lucky these days, because we have many online recruitment agencies.

And if you ever schedule for an interview, please bare in mind, if you can't attend the interview, send a courtesy email, or text message or even call them saying you can't attend the bloody interview! Don't make them wait for you! Its not nice to do that to a person.

Please be early for interviews, if the interview is at 10 am, be there at 9am, at least you will feel more relaxed. And make sure when you attend interviews, please dress appropriately. First impression says a lot!

I hope i didn't offend anyone. Sorry if i did, well i can't please everyone, can't i?

ps; A fwen once told me, finding good candidate macam finding a boyfriend…… you’ll meet 10 idiots to get to the right one.. ;)