Friday, October 30, 2009

signal LAH.

I just don't get it, why when some people drive, they just tend to forget to put the damn signal on. Come on la, its freaking dangerous if you are driving on the right lane then suddenly this 'so pandai driver' comes from no where and starts to cut queue. Annoying gile ok!

Yes, i drive a veryyyyyyyy small kici kenot car, but no one has the bloody right to simply potong sesuka hati. Haih, always kena buli on the road. Stress ok.

Sometimes, i really get pissed off with these kind of people. Ko ingat ko bawak keta bmw, merc, evo, lancer, caldina ko bole buat sesuka hati atas jalan raya?? tetttttttttttttttt. i pun byr roadtax jugak! (i have no offense terhadap mereka yg berkereta mewah, saya pun ade cita cita nak bwk keta besau gakkkk, hehehe.)

It happen to me this morning, i was in the middle lane, came this MERc from the left lane, dok potong queue tetiba selit in front of my car. I yang tengah preggy ni menjerit la akibat terkejut. Ya Allah, lucily i managed to control my car. My baby dalam perut confirm terkejut punya. I was so pissed off, i pi highbeam keta tu berulang kali (mcm terror kan). pedulik la, tau ko takut, terus bwk slow, u tink just because you have that kuning kuning sign on your number plate, i takut?? huh huh.

Never mess with a pregnant lady ok! I'm warning you. heheheheh.

(breath in, breath out... )

Monday, October 26, 2009


I guess its never to young to start.....................................

Tasyaaaaaa, wow weeeeeeee! mommy lets go shoppinggggggggggg.. hehehe

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby.

Alhamdulillah, today is the birthday of a very important person in my life.
Sape lagi, if bukan my cinta hingga hujung nyawa kan..

A short note for him.

Sayang, I love u so much. Happy Birthday.
It has been 7 wonderful years we've been together.
Means dah 7 times i bagi u hadiah.. (hheheh, byk wooooo)
I cherish all the wonderful moments when we're together.
I doakan semoga this year onwards will be a successful year for you and our family.
Ma cayang Pa a lot.
Pa, you're a good father, a good husband, i am very lucky to have you as my soul mate.

Tq God for giving me a super duper cute, responsible, caring, loving husband.
I will always appreciate him.

Pa, ma dah puji byk byk nie, nak duit banjer tuk esok. hehehehe.

Hug, Kisses, dan lain lain lagi,
Your Wifey.

Ps: Pixie was taken from the blog owner Kak Kin
TQVM kak kin and family for cooperating with me to give hubby the surprise.
To Kak Yumm, Tq sbb tolong goreng-goreng, cuci pinggan dll. :)
We appreciate it so much.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm back for a reason.

I rase blog i bukan sahaja dah bersawang tapi hampir terkubur. wakkaka. Bukan takmo update, but i just don't have the energy to do so. Why must i update if entry tak ikhlas n x datang dari hati. kan kan kan??

Well, i've been reading couple of blogs. Here and there people are talking about friendship. Sigh, friendship plays a very important role in life. Just before i left for Uni, my mom always told me, 'Gurl, makesure you don't mix with the wrong crowd, coz either they will make you, or break you. Well, i was just going on 18 then, how much can i understand kan??? But being anak yang sangat mendengar kata ibu, i always kept her nasihat dekat ngan hati i.

Mase skolah-skolah dulu, i ramai gak kawan, tapi sebab i ketua pengawas, orang pun takut nak kawan ngan i. Garang woo. Setakat i jerit, i rase satu skolah leh gegar. hehehe... Bile dah tak jadi pengawas, orang nak kawan ngan kite pun dah tak best, sbb ingat kite goody goody 2 shoes, takpun spy cikgu.. ape daaa.. Probably, my style yang suke menyendiri kot. Salahkan diri sendiri, tak perlu nak salahkan masyarakat sekeliling.

During school days, saya di kawal rapi oleh Ayah. haih, jangan la buat silap, confirm kena grounded. Siap antar pi skolah ari-ari sampai depan office Pengetua. So, bile masuk uni, it was really hard for me to adapt. Imagine org tak penah jauh ngan parents. I siap nangis everynite coz i miss them like crazy.

As time flies by, a lot of people i met in my life. Ade yang ok, ade yang tak ok. Tapi paling tak best, bile ur fwen, baik gile depan u, pastu blakang you, kaw kaw dia kutuk. wth kan???? haih, mcm tu punya manusia pun ade. Tapi fwens yang always be by my side whenever i need them, will always be Peah, Shaz & Mudd. U rock my world dear!

Bile i met my 'Cinta hingga hujung nyawa' for the 1st time, i knew he was the one. I still remember telling Peah this, 'Pet, u know wut, one fine day, i'm gonna marry him, (when i said that, i never spoke with hubby before, dia pun tak tahu i exist kot, sukehati je kan ckp nak kawin ngan dia, padahal, kenal pun tidak) My fwen just smile. Haih, who knew after 5 years knowing my 'Cinta hingga hujung nyawa' we finally tied the knot. Ever since then, he was my guardian angel, my bestfwen, my bodyguard, my soul mate, my teman sepertiduran (heheh, sounds so kinky), my daughter's daddy, my beloved hubby and the list goes on from time to time.

Well, when i started blogging, a lot of lovely people i met. Bertuah badan dpt kenal ngan org yang best best ertikata lain, baik ler. If kite baik dengan orang, InsyaAllah in future we will meet orang yang baik kan. Tapi dlm masa nak jumpe orang yg baik tu, ade gak jumpe orang orang yang menyakitkan hati. Well, to me, everything happen for a reason. Just believe in God, Insyaallah, you will be on the right track. Never give up.

He completes me.

She's my sweetheart.

Align CenterShe's an angel that God sent to protect me. Dari zaman uni lagi, she was soooooo protective over me!!! I heart you babe.

She's a thousand miles away from me, but she reads my blog always, eventho she can't understand the malay language, but she reads it. How she does it, don't ask me! hehe.
I miss you dear. She's my beloved cousin all the way from Aussie.

Another angel in my life. Thanks kak for always being there for me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TQ Kawan.

Terharu sekejap when i read my fwen's entry on her blog. Congratulating me being preggy. Thanks Dear. Terharu woooooo... Mazidah..tqVM tauuuuuu... Mazidah ni, kawan mase zaman zaman UiTM di Hatiku. We were in the same class, same course. Best gile wooo..

Thanks to fwens, yang tinggalkan msg kat blog even in the chat box, saya amat appreciate. Rase nak titiskan air mata. Well, tgh preggy nie, EMO lebih skit.

Finally, i have told almost everyone in the office yang i preggy. Diowang sume buat muka relax ckp dah tau dahhhhh..i was like??? eh eh.. they said, my behaviour lain skit, suke pilih makanan la, takmo makan nasik la, nak makan tu la, ni laa, siap paksa diowang pi carik Hainanese Ciken Rice kat Uptown...heheh...pastu yg lagi nampak is, i DIAM. Being me, mane bole diam. If 5 minit i diam, meaning ade la something wrong somewhere.

Anyways, smlm ade sikit sakit hati with sorang Hamba Allah nie, i always tot the saying 'Bile kite berbudi, orang Berbahasa' works, but surprisingly not in my case. Nape nak tipu??? Y Y Y... Well, the world is round. Arini ko kat atas, esok lusa sape tau??? (all these negative aura is not good for my baby..shhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Hello Everyone, i'm gonna have Adek soon! yayyy, someone else to bully besides mommy!! hehehe.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear God, Thank You.

Selamat Hari Raya Everyone. I guess its not to late for me to wish kan...kite pun masih raya lagi. Its been so long since i updated my blog. Well, i'm really not feeling well lately. My body is really weak. Thank God, i have such a wonderful hubby who takes care of me every single minute without even making any noise. He cleans. He cooks. He takes care of darling Tasya. He washes the clothes. He folds the clothes. He gets me food in the middle of the night. Thank you sayang Ur the best.

I guess you must be wondering why i have been ill lately. It all happen on the last week of fasting month. I tot i had gastric. A bad one. Sebab the symptoms memang mcm gastric. I had really bad stomach pains, sampai muka pun pucat lesi. Puasa? mmg tak larat la da last week tu, my vomitting was getting worst. Makan pun tak bole. Jalan sikit, rase nak pitam. At the end, we decided to go to the clinic. Hubby was worried abt me, makan sume takmo. Ape case kan??

The visit to the doctor was horrifying for me. Takutnya kena penyakit lain kan. After few minutes of waiting, doctor gave me the sweetest smile. I was like, apelah penyakit Doctor nie, orang sakit, dia plak senyum. She said, Congrats, ur gonna have another baby very soon. i was likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...Alhamdullillah. This is what we call rezeki di bulan puase kan. Patut la Tasya slalu je ckp baby babyyyy...hheheh...

Now, i'm 2 months preggy. The morning sickness is really bad. Makan nasik mmg tak bole. Makan sekali, vommit 10 kali. I lost 2 kilos of weight just in a few weeks. Mane tak lembik kan. Raya tahun nie, org sibok makan kueh , lemang, ketupat, rendang, i pulak sibok kat toilet, puking! hehehehe..

Well, morning sickness is part & parcel of pregnancy. Kena byk byk sabar. Thank God, i have a hubby that is very understanding of my condition.

I'm really weak. Pegi keja pun terpaksa. Kepala asyik pening je. Sorry sgt if tak dpt raya umah sedara mara n kawan kawan, coz saya mmg tak larat. Dok berkurung dlm bilek je.

Last but not least, let me feast your eyes with our 'not so complete' hari raya family pixies. Sume sebok collect duit raye kot...heheheh..

Look at Tasya making faces!! haih, anak mummy nie..

Selamat Hari Raya Everyoneeeeeee!!

Daddy's Gurl!

What ur looking at??? Do NOT kacau my daddy!! he's MINE!!

From left, Daniel Adekku, Redzuan Ayahku, Tasya Anakku, Mikhail anak buahku yg gemok comel, Aleeya anak buahku yang cantek mcm saya. muahahahhaahah...

Tasya kena paksa buat 1 Malaysia..heheh..muka masam jeeeeee..

Me & my Cinta Hingga Hujung Nyawa...

Tgk tuuu, dia buat muka lagi...cucu cucu atokkkkk..