Thursday, April 9, 2009

TQ Kak Elyn, TQ Myn.

I met a blogger friend of mine early this morning. I went to sent the whole bag of charm bracelet to her. Thank you kak elyn for ordering sampai 4 sets of charm bracelets. i heart you. Once i have siapkan your charms, i will deliver it to you eh. That is one story yang buat me happy today.

Another story is, i met a gurl call myn via my blog. I nvr met her, but it seems my m.i.l are friends with her mother. What a small blog world afterall. hehehe.. We emailed eachother astho mcm dah kenal for years. actually kenal br 2 hari je. heheh.. Anyways, i terharu when she said this to me via email of course, 'but now i found 1 new friend, it's you'. so sweet...thank you dear! anyways, myn ade salesblog. try to check out her blog at

I guess, its just a wonderfull day afterall.

Notakaki: Disebabkan tasya yg agak ganas, she has destroyed her walker. papa, u need to fixed it.

(Tasya said: When i meet both aunt Elyn & aunt Myn, i'll give u a bear hug and a kiss..hehe.)

4 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

ixoratasha said...


thanks so much dear..terharu ni..sob sob..

hehe..i plak jadi drama queen..:P

doa2 nnt anak i cute miut & gojes mcm tasya..aminnnn..

Elyn said...

wokeh tasya nnt jgn bg aunty slap cam entry b4 ni dah la ekekekek

Kak Yumm said...

babe..yeke walker rosak..?? sumpah tak tau .. wakakakakakkaka..ganaz tasya ni...ganaz macammmmm.....lalalalalalala~

danielredz1 said...

kak yumm: ganas mcm pengganas la.. hehe! lalalala..
tapikan,tasay nie mmg ganas.. da la ganas, garang pulak tu.. lpas nie, kne blikn dia baju singa plak.. baju kucing tu da bley buang.. hehe! =P