Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PinkJamboo at KL Sunday Market, CapSquare.

On Sunday, 5th of April, PinkJamboo was trading at KL Sunday Market located in CapSquare Kuala Lumpur. It was sunny in the morning, but around 12pm it started raining. Not many people were there. Probably, the place is still new. Or either the marketing for this place is 'so so only'. Herm, come on fellas, wake up, promote this place la. Its a very good location, but if people can't seem to get information for this place, how are they gonna come to your event. I have trade at Soho, Solaris before this, eventho the place is quite far n quite hard to find, but they had crowd. Clap clap to the team whom promote the place!

Overall, i made new friends, dapat baju baru, dapat luangkan mase with hubby terchenta and dpt jumpe blogger yang i've never met before. TQ Kak Kin for dropping by last Sunday. I was really happy she came. As i mention, we never met before, tapi bile dah jumpe, mcm dah kenal bertahun-tahun, we had lot of things to talk about. Maybe, tu la kelebihan org Gemini ni kot. hehehe. Dekat betul birthday kite kan..Selang sehari je.

A lot of pictures we taken during that day, some of it was from my phone, from Kak Yum's camera n some of it i stole with permission from Kak Kin's blog..ehhehe. Tq tq for the pixies.

(Tadaaaaa..Ben10 pun saya jual tau!!murah-murah je.)

(i called it the 'bulu-bulu'. Cantek, but unfortunately, i'm allergic to it! it make me sneeze whenever its near me.)heheh.

(Bulu bulu lagi...)

(macam-macam ada!!)

(Afgan Scarf..sgt stylo!)

(This is my charmbracelet collections)

(Mase nie, i tgh bz buat Kak Kin's charm bracelet, kena concentrate betul-betul, customer satisfaction if my guarantee!!hehe)

(Tgk tu, hubby dok interview Kak Kin's hubby abt fotografi)

(Tasya dear, nape buat muke tu??aiyooo)

(Ok, now its mummy's turn to take pixie with Kak Kin!!cenyum...)

(This is my customer tetap ler..heeheh, fr. left Mikhail, My Mama & Fara soon to be s.i.l)

(Ni pulak, my lil bro yg dah botak, tiru Tasya la tue..hehe, and his soon to be wifey, Farah)

(Nampak tak the rantai dat i'm wearing??the pendant is actually a baldi tau, specially did it for Tasya, coz she loves playing with that lil pink baldi on my neck, atleast dia tak bosan when i
carry her..hehehe. creative kan saya!!hahah)

(Let me close this entry with the pixies of kami bertiga. Bahagia nya kami. hehehe..sila jealous kepada 'Ex Ex' yang ter'bump' with this blog of mine. TQ Allah for giving me such a wonderful husband and a beautiful lil creature that i call daughter.lalalalaa)

9 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Kak Yumm said...

am just a camera gurl je...huhuhuu.... ;p babe..i ade video u nari ngn tasya...tp later i skype u k..... ;p

mummysya said...

sweetnya family nie.

Seronok dpt kenal lisa n family....

Luv from Mummysya.

PinkJamboo said...

kak Yumm: aiyo..jgn la mcm tu..tiade kak yumm, tiade la gambar gambar tasya yg comelcomel..lalalalalal..kak yumm da paparazi. heheheheh..

mummysya: kami pun swonoks kenal u n hubby juge..tapi tak jumpe si comel arisya lgi...

MIK'YAL said...

hehhe..sweet nya satu family berniaga :-)

danielredz1 said...

best! best! tapi,disebabkn ujan aritu, kasut ku basah.. huhu! =(

Tasya's Daddy aka Ocin said...

Hari itu sungguh meletihkan tapi cukup menghiburkan..the crowd was not so good but the buying power is still there lah..anyway..we had fun..cheerrs!!

Tq you to all of you who has visited us there in Cap Square..we will be there in week 3 of this month..so come and check us out.

Tq, kak yumm!!

ixoratasha said...



i letak "have a nice day"..hehe..

thanks a bunch coz tlg i ya..


Elyn said...

tasha akak heart ler ur pendant..... nk jugak tp camne nk order?? do u have another design??

PinkJamboo said...

ixoratasha: hey dear! no prob. lepas ni, tade org la bole steal ur pixies. have a nice day n take care.

kak elyn: erk, bile tasya pakai pendant tu..tu lisa la kak..lalalalla..heheheh. btw, lisa ade byk design yg comel comel lagi.