Thursday, November 24, 2011

It will rain...

Oh yeah, It will rain is 1 of the songs for Breaking Dawn. Overall i enjoyed the movie, dapat tengok Edward Cullen kot. He reminds me of my son, Ryan Cullen eh salah, Ryan Iszkandar!

We arrived sharp at 9pm @ OU, New Wing. Dengan satu hari i tak makan nasik sebab excited nak tengok Breaking Dawn, sampai jer terus borong popcorn. When we were eating the popcorn i sempat bisik kat hubby, 'pa, kite ni dah macam makan nasik kot, bukan main laju lagi kunyah bertih bertih popcorn itu'... heheheh.

Thanks for teman-ning me to watch Breaking Dawn. Even u keep saying "mak aih, slowww nye cite nieee" tapi bile cite tu abis u bebel tanya i 'lahhh dah abis ker?' (blom habis lagi pa, next year kite gie tengok lagi!

Babe, i know i made your day when i told you i have the tixs for you kan.. well, consider advanced bday pwesent eks!! hahah..

Faha, sib baik ko ade semalam, if not ntah mane-mane kiteowg parking. Sib baik ko ade gak, dapat jadi Pomen Jadian... hahahah. (i suke/sayang ngan faha nie, sebab dia bukan sahaja terror repair keta, malah setakat nak organize tuk event nie dia mmg hebat, pastu dia terror bertukang gak, setakat gi kedai hardware cam gi kedai runcit kot!!) ko mmg terbaik lah fahaaa!

I can't upload any pictures coz my so-called smartphone went dead when we wanted to snap some pictures. Smartphone konon!

So to all Twilighters, sile enjoy watching Breaking Dawn yeah!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn.....

Before i left the house this morning, my cousin text me with 4 simple words, that made me scream soooo loud till tasya said 'Mommy, are u ok?' heheheh... the 4 simple words were 'Breaking dawn, u want?", yes i know some of you might be thinking lerrr breaking dawn je kotttttt... not when your a huge fan of Edward ok!

Now, its 6pm and i'm waiting for hubby to fetch me from office, we have a 7pm appointment with client then we're off to OU to meet my favorite cousin for the day. hahahahahaha...

I'm soooooo excited.

ps; babe, see u there at 8.30pm..don't be late, coz when it comes to Edward, i tend to forget friends...wakkakakakakak...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Can i be a doctor mommy?

2 nights ago, my little Princess Tasya had a conversation with me, she speaks a lot these days, she speaks fluently, i guess this is what happens when you send them to school at a very early age, the tend to mature very fast and speak sooooo confidently.

Tasya told me 'Mommy, i want to be a Doctor'. I answered, "or u mean like Doctor Harjeet (his our family Doctor), she answered 'No mummy Dr.harjeet is a boy, i'm a gurl'...hehehehe..

Then i told her, yes baby, u can be a Doctor if you want to, Be a good Doctor who treats people with your heart and care for them like you care for me, daddy and ryan. Remember never let money blind your judgment. Tasya answered Yes Mummy and she said again, Mummy, i want to be a doctor. hihihi. I said Yes Tasyaaa, now go to bed before mummy rotan you. hehehhe.

(mommy tasya vewy vewy garangggg, and if u ever bump to me in kenduri's or anywhere, u will see my babies hanging on tight with their daddy coz daddy vewy vewy manja with them, or probably because mummy got spare rotan in the handbeg.hehe.)

Tasya at her Qdees 2011 concert...