Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Next Top Model...

Lokasi: Cheras
Model: Ryan Iszkandar
Wardrobe: Sponsored by Farha
Photographer: Mudd

Before i begin, pictures was kidnapped from my dearest babe, mudd.. heheh.. thx babeeeeeee..

Hi Everyone..I'm Ryan Iszkandar, i'm trying out for the baby's next top model.. heheheh

put your hands up in the air yawwwwww....wassappppp!!!

looking up at the starssssssss....

the control macho poseeee...

control handsome look.....

the shy shy look....

My most favorite pose amongst all, the truly model poseeeeeee...

Ryan Iszkandar is very tired now, he needs his milk and beauty to go.. if u want to hire me, please email my mummy personally.. thank you! hehehehe

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Copycat Daddy..

1 wise man once told me, 'if nak berjaya dalam hidup, copycat je ape orang berjaya buat, jadikan mereka role model untuk kite berusaha lebih gigih lagi'..

Well, I guess my lil precious daughter memang pantas copycat..hehehe..

Ps; kids absorb things very fast... Parents play an important role while bringing up their kids...kasih sayang veryyyy important, and not forgetting, didikan agama yg secukupnyaaaa...

Pss; I like today's date lah... 11.1.11..

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday yang best!

Today me & hubby was on leave... We spend our day sending our precious lil' daughter to school..

Alhamdullillah, Tasya is doing really great in school, no tears at all.. Very impressed with her..

As for Ryan, we brought him 'jalan-jalan'.. Si mat handsome ni if g mane-mane mesti orang nak tegur, nak pegang dia.. Adei, hot stuff sungguh.. Hihihi (bukan saya kata, aunty mudd si guardian angel yang kata)..x caye cube tengok lagi skali gambar ryan kat atas tuu.. Hehehe

Ps; what a lovely monday..spending time with love ones sambil tengok orang lain gie kerjaaa... Huhu..

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Her 1st day of school

Its Tasya's 1st day of school... Alhamdullillah since her health is improving, doctor allowed her to attend her classes..

We were really worried she would cry on her 1st day, apparently she was really happy to be at school..

Dearest Tasya,
Mummy & Daddy is really proud of you. Have fun in school and make sure you don't bully others.. We love u gurl!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home sweet Home..

Syukur Alhamdullillah ke hadrat Illahi, Doa daripada ibubapa, adik-beradik, sedara-mara, fwens, bloggers & colleagues, our beloved Sofea Natasya has recovered from the H1N1 virus..

Tasya was discharged on Friday evening from Pantai Medical Cheras.. Thanks to Dr. Wong & staff nurses for taking care of our daughter..

Tasya was really happy to go home.. Sampai je kat parking rumah, she told us 'home sweet home, mummy'...

Ps; tks babe for being there! BFF award goes to u all the way lahhh..

Pss; My beloved cuz Kate & Steve in Aussie, tks for the smses! Wish u were here!

Psss; Boss! I am sooooooooo lucky to get both of u as my bosses lah, u came all the way to send tasya barbie dolls just to make her smile! Every single day u bbm me with messages asking about tasya..tkssssss boss!

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