Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Toyogo Hunting

Yesterday nite, hubby and i went to JJ, left Pwincess at mom's place.We went to looking for toyogo. Suprisingly, JJ was empty yesterday, ni mesti case org nak tunggu for JJ Day.

We found the toyogo, butttttt, no pink colour la (x sukanyeee). Hubby pun told me, 'no pink colour la yr toyogo'! Dissopointed OK! Done with Toyogo, i ajak hubby to look for my camera casing, pun no pink colour..helooooooo, ape case! what happen to all the pink colour ar!! grrr...

(hubby tgh bz pilih toyogo)

Settled with the Toyogo, now, hubby's turn to do his shopping. Managed to pujuk him to only buy 1 piece on Shirt coz i'm waiting for the JJ Day. (To hubby: kite pi ari rabu yer syg! i pwomish tak buat muka..hehe)

(hubby is trying on his new shirt)

Before exit, sempat lagi i singgah to the supermarket to buy maggie. Told hubby dat i only will buy maggie but ended up i bought so many things.

(hubby said: biase la u, ckp nak beli garam, bile time byr, satu department u beli.hehehe, hubby used to give me his wallet dulu, if he malas nak teman me shopping, tapi skang dia very pandai ok! coz everytime i bwk his wallet, i ended up buying everything..heehehe.

(supposed to buy maggie, i ended up coming out of the Supermarket with all these).

2 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Ceera said...

hahaha. pompuan, biasa la kan..

PrincessD said...

huh yr hubby kasi wallet trs nk bli barang??best2 hehehe