Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rombongan Puan Lisa to PSN..

It was Sunday, and we had our family outing, tapi hubby pulak kena, i got my dad to sent me to my inlaws.. At first, it was only me, Leya, Cikin and Ipah, then on Saturday morning i got a call from Kak Long saying she wants to join us.. then on Sunday morning, hubby got a call for his bro, saying nak join jugak..the more the merrier la kan..rombongan Puan Lisa ke Pusat Sains Negara. ehheh.

i got free tixs to go to PSN since Astro ade buat event...we were suppose to leave the house at 11, as usual, malaysian time, all of us left at 12 instead. hubby was at work still, so i call him and ajak him lunch, since all of us decided to have our lunch at BK, Hartamas.

Pixture above, is my nephew. Fr. left is Jihad, Toriq and Iman.. Shall i say, these are the next generation...hehe. i sound old la..mencik nyaaaaaa..

The sweet lady in pink tudung next to my hubby is Kak Long, she's the eldest in my hubby's sibling. Susah sket nak jumpe kak long nie, very busy lady, kalah rafidah aziz..heehhe.. Kak Long's name is Farah Aizan, she's married to Abg Man and has 2 kids. Kak long sgt sweet, she reminds me of CT Nurhaliza. So, u imagine sendiri la, betapa sweetnya dia.. (i puji bkn sbb she's my sis in law, tp dia mmg sweet, nak buat canner kan..heehe! kak long, banjer lisa makan tau, dah puji puji nie..hehehe).

This is what we call pixture perfect sbb all the sibling ade..i guess my plan on the rombongan Puan Lisa to PSN sgt berjaya ok! hubby siap puji me lagi.. ape lagi, jadi belon la kejap..huhu. Next will be the pot luck party at my place! tunggu tau, will definately update in my blog..

3 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

kAklong said...

dear.. just got to read ya blogz.. caught my eyez to this one.. dont puji me so high high lah.. sket sket sweet boleh lah.. hahaha.. blanje u anytime dear.. ;) tc

kAklong said...

hope we could to this outing more often... this time with mom n dad :)

Anonymous said...

mcm ct nurhaliza ke? rasa mcm kate winslate jee..