Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jco & Tesco

We were supposed to go to Jusco but ended up, we went to Tesco instead. Jusco had their megasale, the place was crowded..tension! the traffic was so bad, till hubby and me decided to go to Tesco instead.

hubby and his youngest sister walking towards tesco

We had our PRE-dinner at JCo. since the 3 of us were so hungwy..tak makan since lunch ok! Obviously the pink donut is mine la..hehe..if ade nasik kaler pink pun, i will buy ok!

This pretty gurl up here is Farah Arifah (all the gurls in my hubby's family are named Farah for their first name, so when i join the family tambah lagi satu Fara, since my name is FaraLisa) My hubby nya sis nie tgh bosan tunggu for her drinks..She is still young tau, br lepas UPSR..she got all A's tau..congrats dear!

We ended up buying all these..nampak tak pampers tasya??heheh, that was the main reason we went to tesco actually, to look for Tasya's pampers..tapi mcm biasa la, i ended up buying everything! hehehhe..