Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday My dearest HUSBAND!

He is my soul mate, he completes me from the very 1st moment we met!

My dearest husband,

Many birthdays we have celebrated together,
i am so lucky to celebrate it every year with you,
the more older you get,
the more charming you are to me... (to me ok, betina lain jgn sebok!)

Sayang, Thanks for always being there for me,
Thanks for always c0mforting me whenever i feel down,
You are the best thing that ever happen to me,
without you there is no Tasya & Ryan,
I guess we are just meant to be together kan...heheh..

Sayang, again, a very Happy Birthday to my dearest Hubby!
Me love u celots! Tasya & Ryan lufs you celots too..

ps: tak sempat nak update birthday wish to hubby, ade gak yang dok seboksebok pi wish dulu! kecoh ar! tolong respect sikit owner blog can ar! dtg tak dijemput, tinggal comment pulak sesukahati! keco.

pss: Pa, i love u , tonite its just me and u!! huhu.

7 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Mudd said...

neeenooneeenooo...panas..panas...wo wo wo... sape makan chewing gum..dia tekena gum....

pls la yg terkena chewing gum tu...jangan main2 ngn mrs pinkjamboo ni...better think twice b4 u have any silly intention on what u want to say/type...

anyways.. happy bday ocin...

-the bodyguard cum the nanny-

Khalisa Ridzuan said...

sentap la jugak kalau ade org wish dlu b4 i. jeles sbb blog i private so! kalau kat fb i sentap gle woooooooooooo ;p

say happy bday to ur husband.hehe.

bercinta sampai syurga!:)

Rizziela said...

Happy birthday for your hubby ..

Rindulah kat Tasya & Ryan

miMiE aZiMaSK ^V^ said...

waaahh apa kes nie dear.. neway may happy 4 eva to both of you.. :D

Dd said...

happy birthday ochin

Lee said...

again, selamat hari lahir en.firdaus mohsein @ ocin...happy always.. awat kecoh sungguh arini? aiyok...ada org kaco ko ke bro?..t.cre ok..

Mr President said...

Hi Lee,
Nuthing wrong...just me..c ya..