Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby talk.

Last night when i had my shower, suddenly i had pains all over my stomach, i started feeling dizzy, and at that moment, i felt like vomiting.

No one was at home.

I managed to calm myself down, and i started talking to my baby... I know its sounds weird, but mase preggy tasya dulu pun, i always talk to her.

Mase tgh dok ckp with baby, tetiba i heard a voice from outside the door, asking me, Maaaa, who are u talking too? oooo, suami ku rupenya..bikin gua panic saja...

Then i started laughing, ma cakap ngan baby.. He replied, oh ok, pa pi makan dulu yer.

The conversation was short, but it made my pain go away. I believe that we should talk often to our baby in the stomach. At least, bila lahir nanti, our baby will be familiar with our voice.

I usually get my hubby talk to Tasya n baby before he goes to sleep every nite. Tell them how much he loves them. Lain orang lain caranya, but as for me, this is how we do it.

3 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Elyn said...

hiks sure hubby u pelik kan ngans apa plak u ckp tu ekekekere

atty's said...

elok amal kan selalu bercakap ngn baby tuh

Dak Wan said...

Mainkan ayat2 quran/soft music kat perut pon ok gak.