Friday, November 6, 2009

46 kg.

Again, i was on MC for 2 days (Wednesday & Thursday). I had to rush to the clinic immediately to do a check up.
My vomiting was getting really frequent. I can't seem to eat.

Hubby rush from the office to bring me to the clinic, coz i was sooooooo lembik.
Tak larat pun nak drive.
My face dah pucat.

My weight is only 46 kilos. Dah 3 bulan preggy, weight makin turun. Makan memang tak lalu sangat. I only eat fruits n tomatoes. Hari hari makan tomato.

Sometimes i wish i could eat more. I really need to gain my weight. Alhamdulillah, doctor said, baby was fine, active. Sume dah lengkap. A bundle of joy for me and hubby to see another human being in me. Mummy, daddy and Tasya can't wait to see you darling.

Its only me. Dehydrated. Now, i'm in the office. Baru je lepas muntah for the 2nd time today.

5 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

atty's said...

takecare lisa..rehat secukupnya ye..

PrincessD said...

alaaa babe..kesiannyer u! :( sabar eks...kalau xlarat tu mc je tau dont wait until u get very sick!


PinkJamboo said...

kak atty: TQVM kak for ur concern.

PrincessD: tks babe..lame gile tak jumpe u kan, asyik jumpe online je, bile nak jumpe offline nie?? heheh.

♥ jυℓєѕ said...

hey sis! pregnant for 2nd child? congrats! i will get the new anak buah :)

PinkJamboo said...

Jules: hey dear, gosh lame gile we tak chat kan? how are u? are the exams over yet?