Friday, July 24, 2009

Files oh Files..where are u??

He asked: Where is the file, don't you know the file is really important..bla bla bla bla...I said: I told THEM it was a bad idea to sent all the documents out.
He said: Call them and get the files back by Monday. I rang mangkuk & said: Please tell them that we need the files urgently, he's making noise laaaa. Mangkuk said: Why you never prepare all the files for them to take back?
I said: How do i know which file that i'm suppose to give them?? Isn't that your responsibility to be in the office to give them the damn files????? Mangkuk said: ok la, i call them. (She didn't even call them, how do i know?? coz i had to self collect da files all by myself and they told me mangkuk didnt even call, if nak tunggu si mangkuk ni buat kerja, sampai Monday tahun depan pun da files won't be with me)

Told them that the idea of bringing the files out is a badddddddd idea...Now, i'm getting all the blame for every mistake that they have done! So unfair huh!!!! Well here goes my perfect Fridayyyy.....

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