Friday, July 24, 2009

Live Blogging at Hajris Bistro, BSP.

Now, its almost 7 pm. And i am having my breakfast+lunch during my dinner time! I had to eat coz i almost fainted while walking to the supermarket. Thank God there was a Bistro nearby. As i step my foot out of the car, i knew i had to eat. What if i faint, OH God! Confirm malu. I texted hubby to accompany me to makan. I hate eating alone. Reason being, i hate people staring at me..(i know its a lame excuse, chett..mcm la ade org nak tgk..hahaha) I never eat alone..takutttt...

Ok la, nak sambung makan. Very very tired...this is the most tiring Friday of all the fridays i ever had... Happy Weekends everyone!

2 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

ixoratasha said...


i ni dekat takmo ajak pun kan kan kan..

babab nnt !!

PinkJamboo said...

ixoratasya: mynnnnnnnn, i takut nak kaco u. hahahah..nanti if u takmo join, mesti i mcm keciwaaaa..hahahhaahah..ok ok, lenkali i ajak u. u tak dtg, i gegetttt..heheheh.. babe, da day i went, ade couple to bergadoh kat hajris tau, bf dia siap jerit jerit lagi..kecoh gile.