Thursday, February 5, 2009

when an antic got PIMPed!

Hubby got a call from Abg Firdaus. Keta dah siapppppp!!! yippee, i wonder how it looks like, as far as i can remember, when i last saw the car, it was UGLY. hehehe..

After 3 mths of waiting, it finally paid off...i could not imagine the car turn out nice. Well, the only part yang tak best is...keta tu tak kaler pink...wakkakak..

but, Hubby suke..coz he said it looks like bumblebee.. Overall, mmg puashati with abg firdaus nya workmanship! sgt tip top! this is my 3rd time sending n pimping our car with him! Dari kelisa ke aveo ke subaru..and if ade keta baru, still antar kat abg firdaus. He's job is excellent! and harga dia, sgt berpatutan (tade la cekik darah mcm kedai lain).

Mikail tgh posing-posing with bumblebee..

Ni la tukang PIMP bumblebee..abg firdaus.

ni pulak staff-staff nya 'the pimpers'..hehe.

Tasya said: Cantek kan my daddy's car..yayyyy, its gonna be mine, but daddy, i would prefer a caldina la..(hehehe)

4 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

biggie small said...

awesome dude...bumblebee transform..

Kak Yumm said...

babe...i budget next year tukar kaler 'mini cooper' i tuh.. wakakakakaa.... ;p hmm tp nak kaler ape..takkan nak pink mcm u ...hmmmm ;p

PinkJamboo said...

kak yumm: pink jugak ker? herm, kaler lain la babe...hehehe..

Kak Yumm said...

oit..of course la tak pink...kalau pink..dah bukan kak yumm dah la.... wakakakakakaka.......