Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nikon Lover ~ D300s

Nikon has just announced the new Nikon D300s, so I decided to post a quick comparison between the old Nikon D300 and the new Nikon D300s.

Basically, the new D300s is exactly the same camera as the D300 in terms of features, except for the following:

1) D300s shoots HD movies at 720p resolution, 24 FPS with stereo audio. Maximum length is 5 minutes for 720p and 20 mins for lower video resolutions.

2) D300s is slightly faster than the D300, shooting 7 FPS in Ch mode (Nikon D300 is 6 FPS). With MB-D10 battery pack, it will shoot 8 FPS.

3) A new release mode “Q” (quiet shutter-release) is added to the dial right after Ch (continuous high speed).

4) Dual card slots – the Nikon D300s features dual card slots to work with both CompactFlash and SD (SDHC-compliant) cards. Either card can be used as the primary card. Secondary card can be used for overflow or backup storage, or for separate storage of NEF (RAW) and JPEG images and images can be copied between cards.

5) Active D-Lighting now has “Auto” and “Extra High” added. “Auto” is something expected, as both D700 and D90 have this mode. The “Extra High” is something new though.

6) Nikon D300s is slightly heavier than the D300, adding 15 more grams of weight, weighing total 840g total.

7) Nikon D300s has a dedicated “Lv” (LiveView) and “Info” buttons on the back of the camera.

8) Nikon D300s has a virtual horizon now (D300 did not).

Is D300s worth the upgrade? If you already have a D300 and do not care about the video feature (which kind of sucks, since I was expecting full HD at 1080p), it is not worth the upgrade. But if you don't have D300 it's worth it to have one. Which I plan to purchase one unit for myself. Before I do that, I need to check with my Chief Finance Officer (my wife) hehehe.
The sensor of the new D300s is basically identical to the older D300. It is nice that the D300s has dual slots and faster frame rate, but it is nothing extraordinary.
Best regards,
Daddy Ocin.

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ocin said...

Boring....Ocin tulis and Ocin Comment..hehe..

tengkuli... said...

how about the price?..what's the differences between D300 & D300s?

ocin said...

Good question. D300 is no more in the market..but you can get it at 2nd hand value, roughly around RM3200.00. D300s is new in the market so the price is quite expensive roughly around RM4700.00. I would recomend to go for D90 which is also a good camera with affordable price...tks for reading..didn't espect anyone intrested in DSLR and leave comment...haha.

tengkuli... said...

well ocin, i'm one of dslr lover too..but im using canon.. but still has the interest to have nikon for my collection... well, through my observation & experience, im more keen with canon.
ok back to your topic, the D300s is really quite expensive...how long have you been using D300? if it is still good, y must u change?
ocin, "a good picture does not depends on the camera..but it is about your skills"..the most important thing is the output.. that was my sifu's advice..

ocin said...

Hi Tenkuli,
Tks for your comments and feedback. Im 100% agree with your statement "a good picture does not depends on the camera..but it is about your skills"..the most important thing is the output.." However, when we are in photography business, 1st impression is really important. Currently Im using Nikon D3K a.k.a Nikon D3000. Im really looking forward to upgrade my gadget to D300s for a cool photo shot..

tengkuli... said...

wow...ocin that's cool...i guess we have the same interest, but im not in photography business..it's just an hobby since i was back in school.. at the moment im using Canon 500D and also planning in upgrading it. but after doing some experiments,i think its better to upgrade the lenser 1st..its quite interesting when experimental with different kind of lenses. For Nikon,if im not mistaken, the important part is the lense. Meaning all the engines a.k.a electronic stuff is depends on the lense, not the body. Its different than Canon..wheres everything is in its body...

Ocin said...