Friday, October 30, 2009

signal LAH.

I just don't get it, why when some people drive, they just tend to forget to put the damn signal on. Come on la, its freaking dangerous if you are driving on the right lane then suddenly this 'so pandai driver' comes from no where and starts to cut queue. Annoying gile ok!

Yes, i drive a veryyyyyyyy small kici kenot car, but no one has the bloody right to simply potong sesuka hati. Haih, always kena buli on the road. Stress ok.

Sometimes, i really get pissed off with these kind of people. Ko ingat ko bawak keta bmw, merc, evo, lancer, caldina ko bole buat sesuka hati atas jalan raya?? tetttttttttttttttt. i pun byr roadtax jugak! (i have no offense terhadap mereka yg berkereta mewah, saya pun ade cita cita nak bwk keta besau gakkkk, hehehe.)

It happen to me this morning, i was in the middle lane, came this MERc from the left lane, dok potong queue tetiba selit in front of my car. I yang tengah preggy ni menjerit la akibat terkejut. Ya Allah, lucily i managed to control my car. My baby dalam perut confirm terkejut punya. I was so pissed off, i pi highbeam keta tu berulang kali (mcm terror kan). pedulik la, tau ko takut, terus bwk slow, u tink just because you have that kuning kuning sign on your number plate, i takut?? huh huh.

Never mess with a pregnant lady ok! I'm warning you. heheheheh.

(breath in, breath out... )

4 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Tasya's Daddy aka Ocin said...

what happen to you pink celica...u don't consider that as a small car right!!? hehe,
anyway, mama kena sabau je la yek..tapi kalau tasya ada mase tuh, confirm dia SLAP! org yg bawak merc kan kan..setakat Merc tuh, mmg tak heran lah..lain la kalau kapal terbang yg tak bagi signal masa tuh, huuh mmg lagi hangin satu badan..
oops merepek, cabutt..!

Mr Hazizul said...

Tgklah nanti....
Kete aper ckp jer....
Merc x pandanglah !!!
Betul x ocin ?

Anonymous said...

sometimes there's must be a reason for what had happened..dun be so angry..instead, you should be thankful and syukur to Allah that you and your baby are safe.. i advice,next time before you drive, baca ayat kursi..insyallah 40,000 of malaikat will protect you..'they' dun even care what kind/type/price of the car pun, but 'they' will protect safe..

PinkJamboo said...

Anonymous: Thank you for the advice. Me n baby appreciate it. :)