Friday, September 11, 2009

Her new Skills..

Lately Tasya loves to climb. The higher she gets, the happier she'll be. She climbs really fast, in a split seconds she's already on top of somewhere.

Last week, when both of us were still asleep, due to, tido yang amat lewat the nite before, we overslept. Well, since it was only 9 plus in the morning, we thot lil Tasya was asleep.

To my suprise, i suddenly open my eyes and started looking for Tasya, usually she will be next to me or either in between the two of us, buttttttttttt this time she's not there... I was panickedddd...Suddenly i saw her at my dressing table by the side of my bed..aiyoooooooo...

I woke hubby up immediately, told him..look at ur lil pwincessssss!!!

Yayyyy, since mommy is sleeping, let me do some 'cleaning up' for her!!

Herm...nak main mommy's make up laaaaaa...

Oh ohhhh...i've been caughtttttttttt!! OMG, oh nooooo..mommy helpppp!!!

Note: To all babies out there, don't ever do this at home!! Vewyyyy dangerous!! Luf: Tasya.

3 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Kaseh said...

hahah so cute... tapi kena carefull gak ni lisa.. tasya tgh lincah ni panjat2 nati tak perasan..jatuh aduhaii..

PinkJamboo said...

Kaseh: hi kasehhhhh!!!tu laaa..wisau nya lisaaa..ari ari dok bebel kat dia...heheh..dia buat dekkkkkk je..

masviona said...

ya allah tasya....huhuhu mmg lincah nih...bab nih nasib baik ler avin tak pernah buat lagi...hiksss