Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Preparation..

Its been 10 days since Tasya's birthday. And i baru nak upload all the pixies.. Well, its really been a hectic week for me.

So, today, its the marathon for updating my blog. hehe.

On Friday afternoon, i left the office at 2pm, reason being nak tolong my adik-adik ipar kesayangan to mengemas rumah + decorate. Yes, my MiL was away. Mak & Ayah went back to kampung. Mak did left us a piece of reminders on what we're suppose to do. Thank God i had both of hubby's sisters at home, they were very helpful. The 3 of us had so much fun, sambil buat kerja, sambil gossip..heheh.. Ipah & Cikin, tks for helping me thru out the event, I heart YOU! (nanti akak banjer makan cokelat eh..hehe. )

Balloon are everywhere.

Balang came back just in time to help us decorating da house, most of it was his idea! Tks balang.

Hubby bz with decorating the foil balloons....

Me, with the 2 angels who save the day. All of us were tired. I mean really really tiredddddddd...

Puas hati woooooooooooooo! hehe.

Notakaki: We finish cleaning + decorating around 9pm. Then we had to rush to Kak Kin's house for a special project.

2 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Elyn said...

hiks lame tul i tggu u updet beb.... btw tq soo much sbb invite we all. wafiq ske sgt ngan ballon elmo u bg tu.

tasya sooooo cute x puas gomol die la!!

Tasya's Daddy aka Ocin said...

This is really tiring work but it was fun when everybody is around to help us...when there is FUN the tiring work is taken away..tks everyone being such a nice person...May Allah bless all of you. thank you..