Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Lovely Assistant.

As much as i wanted to update my blog yesterday, but i didn't seem to find time. Maybe because its Monday. It was a really really busy day for me. I was so busy till i didn't realize how fast the time flies. Sekali tgk jam, its time for me to go home and be with my family.

Since it was Monday, as usual my stocks for vitagen will come in every Monday. And since stocks dah ade, i have to sent them to my customers. Sampai rumah tak semestinya i can rest, i sampai je, i will take Tasya n start to do the packing for the vitagens. Penat woooooooo, tapi ni sume rezeki kan....

Tapi takpe, i have an assitant. An assistant yg tidak jemu jemu membantu. My assistant sgt comel, tapiiiiiiiiii she's under age. Haih, if ade org complain kat Jkm nie, mau i kena saman!!!

Helloooo Aunties & Uncles, My name is Sofea Natasya. This is my business. I sell vitagen. I know i'm very young, but i need to save up for my education in the future..

These are the mix flavors..

(Now, we need to stack them up according to the flavors. I have to do it properly, coz mommy told me not to mess the house)

These are the Grape flavors. A lot of mommy's customers loves this flavors.

(Now let me count..1 2 3 errrr, what comes after 3?? mommyyyyyyy, I'm lost here..helppppppppppppppp)

(Argggggghhhh, its to heavyyyyyyyy, i can't seem to move itttttttt)

(Mommy mommy, i'm really tired....)

(It looks like the vitagens are really heavy for me, i need Daddy to help me..Dadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)

(Oh Goshh, i'm really tired, and its wayyyyyy past my bedtime. hehhehehe)

Well here goes my lovely Monday. With my daugther helping me, my hubby helps me to carry all of them, my niece n nephew helps me to pack it up..gosh, it was a tiring day but its was a lovely one indeed. And thanks to Kak Yum for snapping all the pixies.

9 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

MIK'YAL said...

hihihih..so cute..ni ada caruman perkerja tak ni ? medical smua ada cover tak ni ? HAHHAHAH...rambut tasya pn dh makin melebat :-)

Kak Yumm said...

paparazzi is my middle name..wakakakakaka....

PinkJamboo said...

Mik'Yal: Sume cover aunty. Mommy siap bagi bonus lagi. hehehe.. hi dear, happy je tgk rambut tasya dah lebat, tapiii, tasya takmo letak clip mcm Indah, nanti dia amik da clip n buang jauh jauh..heheh.

Kak Yumm: uhhhhhhhhh, i like..heheh

Kak Yumm said...

babe..blum lagi letak gamba dia 'kira duit'....wakakakakaka...time tu tak hengatt...mcm...erm...mami dia jugak la..lalalalalalaa~

miMiE aZim@Sk ^V^ said...

bestnyer.. terliur tgk vitagen!!!

masviona said...

baru ku tahu liesa nih jual vitagen eh....huhuhu...len kali leh la order

owwwhh tasya tuh so sweet...rajin dia tolong mummy dia ek...hiksss

.~jelly D. said...

sila sms k.dd segera and tell the price of vitagen. my price tau.

mencik la bukak bisnes vitagen tak bagitau kita!!

.~jelly D. said...

jangan lupa vote k.dd punya gambo menyusu. cakap ochin skali suruh vote. sekali jek tau! klik kat sini http://sereniety.blogspot.com/

miss jiejie said...

bole jadi DUTA vitagen owhh tasya ..hihihi