Thursday, August 20, 2009

From Australia to Malaysia...

Last week i said i was away because the 3 of us went off for a short 'Cuti Cuti Malaysia'. Well its not only the 3 of us, we were accompanied by my Beautiful cousin from Aussie + her fiance.

Its been 2 years since we met, the last i saw her was at my wedding. She almost gave me a heart attack for showing up. I was really happy to see her. She came all the way to surprise me. That's the best wedding gift i had!

This time around, she spent 9 whole days with us. Best giler! We had so much fun together. Our days were full with laughter. Hey Kate, we miss you a lot!

Here are some of the memorable pixies taken while she was in Malaysia.

Here goes my Aunt Janet, a.k.a Kate's mom. Next to her is my ever georgeous cousin Kate.

Here's Kate with my adorable lil Tasya

This is my cousin's fiance. Steve Morris.. Helooo Steveeeee!!!

Dearest Kate,
I know you read my blog. This entry is specially for you! Makesure you come often to Malaysia. We would love to bring you around. Remember how tiring we were, we went to Langkawi then immediately after Langkawi we went to Melaka. Then all four of us were lost in Melaka, and we had to buy the map that cost us rm8. Bloody hell! hahaha.. We miss u Kate.

A lot of places we wanted to bring you. Maybe next time. Remember when we went to look for 'ladybirds'? Steve, ocin & mat were amazed! hahah. Oh God, thinking of the fun times we had really makes me sad to realize you have flew back to Aussie. And remember we keep teaching Steve abt the thing that he MUST eating the banana leaves... hahahaha....

Dearest Kate, i really miss those good times we had. Can't wait to see you again. The day you went back to Aussie, i was really sad, i told ocin i can't believe you were not in Malaysia anymore. U take care my dear! Tell Steve that i said hi n makesure he treats you like a pwincess! If not, i'll hunt him down. hahah..(never mess with Asians! coz we have the P word) hehe..

Last but not least, pixie below was the last nite she spent with us before heading back to Aussie! See ya soon cuz!

Xoxo. Ms. PinkJamboo & Family.

3 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Kate said...

Dearest Fara,

Thank you for such a beautiful blog entry! I love to read all your blogs about whats going on and what is happening with everyone. They really turn my day around!

We have been such close couins since we were born even though we live so far away. I've always thought of you as a sister and will always love you like one. You are such a caring wife and such a loving mother. I'm so proud of you and all that you have achieved in your life.

Thank you for having Steve and I over at you place. I know it went by so quick but we had such a fun time, looking for ladybirds, teasing steve, playing with Tasya, getting lost, falling asleep (I'm glad you didn't post that foto of me in the car... hehe) staying up late and laughing til we cry. It reminded me of when we were young.

So Fara I promise to make regular visits til I'm old and they wont let my fly anymore. I cant wait to bring up our families so our kids can play like we did and so that one day they will be planning trips together.

I'm already saving up for my next KL holiday and I cant wait to stay with you all over again.

Take care, love you lots cousin and see you soon no doubt.


PinkJamboo said...

Hey Kate, sob sob. this is the longest comment eversince i started blogging. Ur just like my younger sister too. I can't wait to see. Anyways, do take care & and we will always love you.

Xoxo. Fara.

♥ jυℓєѕ said...

g melaka kno x contact i?
boleh i jadi ur tourist guide :p