Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Her Birthday 8.8.09 @ 8pm.

Alhamdullillah, everything went smoothly on the day of the event. Eventho we were rushing to collect the cake, the collect the roti jala. Thanks to hubby & my bro for rushing all over the places. Buttttttt, something did happen. I was sooooo panicked till i almost fainted. hahah.. Mase tu dah pukul 3 ptg, we were supposed to have a kenduri doa selamat after Asar prayers. The problem was, every single thing was ready, the food, the cake, the tit bits, the deco buttttttt yang tak ready was the MAIN DISH! I was actuallly very calm, tapi bile hubby dok ask me to cook je da main dish..i was likeeeeeeeeeeee, OMG, masak? I can cook, tapi tade la terror sampai nak masak for 50 org punya makan..lagi lagi it was the lauk utama!! wut if i screw up, abis orang kena cirit birit, and its all bcoz of meeeeeeeee...warghhhhhhhh.. I immediately call my mom, she told me i can do it, thank God, mama was over the phone calming me sambil bagi resepi. hehehe... Thank God, my sisters in law were all by myside, we did everything together, the kelam kabut was really funny. Bile pk balik, rase nak gelak guling guling. hehehe. Well, i didnt even left da kuah lemak, i was sitting in front of it, till i heard my MiL, i was relieved. hehehe... Mak siap puji puji ckp kuah to color cantek..well, how do i do it?? wahsia laa..nanti if u all tau mesti takmo makan..hahahha (kidding) lepas nie bole la buat kenduri at my house tuk 80 orang pulak.. Ade hikmah jugak my MiL blk lewat, atleast i dah pandai masak tuk org ramai, if not, ntah sampai bile i nak blajar.

After Asar, the kenduri went smoothly. We had our Asar prayers secara berjemaah. Alhamdullillah.

Settle with the kenduri, me n hubby rush back to our home sweet home to get change. Di malam hari, it was Tasya's sesi tiup lilin. So it was more casual. Most that came was close fwens. Now, let the pixies do the talking.

My mom the one yang berbaju kurung. Tks mama for helping me out when i needed you the most!

Sedara mara yang hadir...Ayah mertuaku yg berjubah putih complete with his kopiah.. tks Ayah for the kenduri. We heart U!

Both of the sweetheart are my niece & nephew. Tks sbb tolong Aunty jage Tasya yer!! kat blakang yang berbaju biru is my cousin in law. Tks Norai for helping. We appreciate it!

Here's my dad in the grey baju melayu chit chatting with Pak Long. Ayah gossip ape yah?? hehe.

Me walking around serving everyone the yummylicious cuppies !

Di Malam Hari...

Happy Birthday to Tasyaaaaaaaaaaaa.....Happy Birthday to my Darlinggggg, happy birthday to U! That's my sister holding Tasya & i reckon Tasya mesti geram tgk da cake yang sgt comellll...
Well, ni la Duta CKR! oppsssss..ampun kakkkkkkkkkkk!! heheh.. well here goes kakak kin ku yg sgt baik hati bersame pwincess nya Ariesya yang gile pink just like me...kite geng kan Ariesya??hehe.

Mummy & daddy yang over senyum. Tasya with her blurry look. Well, at dis time,the 3 of us da feeling glamor..abis tu, sume org dah amik our pixies..heheh.

Here goes the cake..sian teddy cake kena potong potong!

here goes the rest of my best buddies.

TQVM kak Elyn for coming to the birthday party.

These two are my adek adek in laws kesayangan ku!

Here goes Mak with Tasya, Ipah & Cikin (tks Mak for allowing us to do the party at ur house, Tks Cikin, for being such a great sister and sudi tolong akak! Your my favourite too)

It was really fun having everyone around the house.

These are my new BFF..Hubby & i, heart all of you.

Here goes some of Tasya's pwessie... Bestnya Tasya dapat a lot of toys, tapi mummy pening coz i don't know where to put ittttt.....hehehe. Anyways, TQVM for the lovely pwessies...

A story on the birthday cake..

We ordered the cake from Kak Shaz. I dah kenal kak Shaz for quite sometime. We knew eachother thru Kak Yumm. The first time i saw her cuppies, i fell in love with it, bile dah taste her cake, OMG i dah jadi addicted to it. Her cake sangat la sedapppp.. At first we only ordered the 3d Teddy, but 2 days b4 Tasya's bday we add on the baby themed cuppies. We were really happy with the outcome. The cake sgt la comelllll...Not only comel, but sgt sedap too..

The baby themed cuppies. .

The 3d Teddy cake yang soooooo sedappppppppppp...

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thanked everyone for coming to Tasya's bday. We appreciate having you at the party. To family, tks for always being there when we needed you the most! To blogger fwens, tks for the sms, the gifts, and most importantly tks for the friendship.
Kak Yumm: TQ satu juta kali!

Note to Tasya: Mummy & Daddy luf u so much.

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atty's said...

huhuhu..kty aritu tak dpt hadir..
meriah majlis..kek pun cantik..

Elyn said...

i ske sgt cake tu!!! wafiq dh aim nk tepek eekekek

MIK'YAL said...

hepi belated besday deari tasya !!! wow she's no longer a baby..dah jd time flies ;-)

pssttt : mesti tasya seronok dpt bnyk pressie !

Tasya's Daddy aka Ocin said...

Tq everyone for such a lovely present...tks

-One Lurve-
Daddy Tasya

masviona said...

happy besday to tasya....yg cute..:) moga membesar jadi anak yg baik buat mummy n daddy ye

ermmm...cuppies n cake bear tuh sungguh ler cun n cute....sygnye nak potong kan...hiksss