Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm having a sorethroat, n She's unwell.

(Heloo mommy's fwen..i'm not feeling well today...)

Tasya is unwell. Coughfing & sneezing. Her fever has gone away. Its really heartbreaking to see her unwell. I really hope she will recover soon. Miss her loud voice screaming for me. Probably she's teething, or maybe its the weather. Mummy hope u will get well soon dear.

(Her baru bgn tido face, pixie was taken early this morning, she's concentrating watching her programme)

Receptionist yg kurang pandai.
Last Friday evening i had to attend a meeting in Ulu Klang. Company sangat famous, if i mention i bet u sume org kenal. tapi.... takmo la sebut. As i walked into the building, i went straigt to the reception area. When i was at the reception counter, the least the receptionist bole buat is look at me n ask what i want kan??? ni tak, dia buat tak reti, n borak borak with her colleague. first i sabar lagi, yer la, i pk dia mesti borak psl keja, tapi bile i dah abt 10 minutes berdiri mcm tiang kat dpn dia, rupe rupenya dia tgh borak psl hal rude kannnnnnnnnn..come on la, being a receptionist, da first thing bile u nampak org terpacak dpn u, and lagi lagi org luar, tanye la org tu nak ape??? jgn la ko diam je n buat tak nampak..nak kate i ni invisible mode, i dont think so. After 10 minutes, br she look at me, n asked me what i melampau kan...ko pk ko siape...she really made the wrong move. n she was messing with the wrong person. Haih...i pity her la.. Come on, being a receptionist, u should have good communication skills, u can't just be ignoring ppl who walks in. U are representing ur company by being the first person to greet ppl. If da frontline of the company dah hancur, ape tah lagi org org lain.. Well, how hard is it to smile n greet ppl. if tak pandai buat tu sume, takyah dok mintak keja jd receptionist, pi mintak keja lain. and, if dah tau ko dok depan tu, makesure ur dressing pun cantek la sikit. malu seii, org tgk, tak presentable langsung. I left the company dgn hati yg agak marah, well, remember i told u she was messing with the wrong person, herm, sgt salah org. coz her ceo is my gooddddddddddddd fwen. more like a brother to me n my hubby. ape lagi, tangan i laju je la sms him. rupe rupenya, receptionist ni mmg ade attitude problem.. but i told him that she shouldn't act that way. He told me that he will have a 'chit chat' with her.. sometimes, kite kena layan org sama adil, so dat we wont get our a** on fire! i hope u learn ur lesson dear receptionist.

Anyways, I guess its not too late for me to wish Happy Daddy's Day to my dearest Hubby.
Tks for being a great hubby n the Tasya's super Dad!

4 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Elyn said...

u plak x sihat??? ehmm camne nk order vitagen ni???

PinkJamboo said...

kak elyn: walaupun lisa sakit, vitagen still mcm biase..hhehe..

Kak Yumm said...

babe...your biznes ni...sakit tetap vitagen tetap jalan...VITAGEN- COLD BUT HOT STUFF..wattahell..wakakaka babe....obviously...reception tu bukan budak OM... wakakakakakakaaa....kesian dia.....maybe we should give her some intensive course......maybe u ajar grooming...i touch a bit on communication skill - including gestures, first impression etc...or...or.......we get Miss madi ajar itu orang.. huhuhuu....... ;p

miMiE aZim@Sk ^V^ said...

laaaaa sampai 10 minit baru nak tnya u nak apa..
giler teruk...
kalau kena pecat pun tak per....