Wednesday, January 27, 2010

25 weeks preggy.

Yesterday, i went for my regular check up in Alam Damai the place where i am going to deliver my son in a few months. I decided to go alone since i was having a meeting around that area.

Alhamdullillah, baby is fine. Healthy, that is what the doctor said.
As for me, doctor said my sugar level in my blood is high. I have to undergo a diabetic blood test dis Saturday.

Honestly, i sangat takut. I hate needles. When she mention the word diabetic, i almost fainted. Lagi-lagi pi checkup sowang. I was trying my best to hide my fear, my tears.

I tried calling hubby a few times, but he was not answering his handphone. Confirm dia tengah meeting. I call my kak yumm. I tried to sound as calm as possible. Deep down my heart, i just wanted to cry soooooooooo muchhhhhh....

Last nite, i could not sleep, every single hour i woke up. Bile nak lena je, azan Suboh dah berkumandang. Its time for me to wake up.

My appetite makan pun jatuh mendadak. Doctor cuma advice to cut down on my sugar intake.
Haih, i really hope everything will be okay this coming Saturday when i go for the tests.

3 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Anonymous said...

dun worry...pray to Allah, insyaAllah you and baby will be fine... -Liey

.Dd LaLa. said...

insha allah tak de pape. maybe kena start diet lisa. nanti baby besar...

kaklong said...

dun worry dear... everything will be fine.. insyaAllah, i had the same prob when preggy w jihad.. u just need to eat healthy diet... don worry k.. :)..