Thursday, January 21, 2010


After so long, i baru nak update, tu pun towards end of January.
Haih, cuti sakan dari berblogging..heheh..

Anyways, Happy New Year to everyone.

What have we been up too? Well, we started off the new year with my brother's wedding.

Then, went for a short escapade just the 3 of us to Genting Highlands. Tasya really enjoyed the weather. Me? adoi, sgt tak tahan da sejok! It was really cool up there.
We decided to go to Genting Highlands, coz i memang teringin sangat nak dok hotel.... hehehe.. consider as my pre babymooning la nie. InsyaAllah next vaccay would be in February. Tu baru leh panggil babymooning coz a bit jauh from KL. But still in Malaysia la.. Can't travel too far since i will be 7 mths preggy by then.

As for my pregnancy, I'm 6 months preggy now! Baby is soooo active in my tummy. Despite the fact that i'm getting bigger each day, i have this weird attitude whereby i suke sgt dok makeup makeup everytime i kuar jenjalan with hubby. Yes, usually mmg makeup pun, tapi yg simple simple je. This time around, i siap with all those foundation n bulu mata ok!! So not me, coz i mmg malas to makeup, unless pi function. Akan tetapi, dis time, rase nak melawa jeeee, sanggup siap 2 hours before nak kuar ok. Dari tak reti pakai bulu mata palsu tu, sampai la dah master sikit sikit. If tak lekat gak bulu mata tu, hubby la jadi mangsa coz i'll get him to help me! hehehe... (rezeki badan woo dpt suami yg layan kerenah isteri nie, cayang papa celot!)

I guess, lain orang pregnant, lain ragamnya kan?? Herm, sambil type kat blog nie, my son is kicking in my tummy. Lapar barangkali.. Tapiiiiiiiii, i baru lepas makan..aiyooo..