Friday, March 16, 2012

Silver spoon or Plastic spoon?

How do we categorize a person or shall i be more specific a woman if she's materialistic or a gold digger?
Does anyone believe in true love anymore? Do you reckon girls will go for guys who rides a Honda Kapcai C70 rather than going after a guy who drives a Honda Civic Type R?

(aku, confius)

But we still can use the term 'woman needs to be taken care off' kan?? Soooo, i don't see the part of being materialistic or gold digger is wrong kaaaann? Guys! women needs to be taken care off, Remember that!
So you better work freaking hard, if not, you will be single for the rest of your life? hahahaha... (bias sungguh my statement)

Akan tetapi, ade jugak wanita-wanita di luar sana yang tidak langsung memandang kebendaan, itu pilihan masing-masing. Ibarat, susah dan senang akan ku redah lautan api demi mu oh sayangku! (aku memang salute kaum hawa sebegini)

As for my personal and most honest opinion based on my 29 years of experience living and breathing, i memang memilih sikit bab berkawan dengan lelaki. Coz before i left for my university, my mom whispered to my ear and she said 'Gurl, your an adult now, what ever decisions you make will make a difference in your future'. And mom did not ended it there, she whispered again and said 'You make your bed, You lie on it'. Mom left me speechless, coz i hate making my bed, but i do love lying on it!!

Well, to keep the story short, i married someone who comes from a great family. A family who appreciates one another very much. If you are wondering if my husband is a millionaire and drives a ferrrari or x6 and bought me a mini cooper as my hantaran, are sooooo wrong. Haha.
He is one super cool guy who works his ass out to give the world to us. One hardworking dude I've ever met in my entire life!

Tapi cinta kami bukan lah selalu manis ibarat gula-gula mentos, we do quarrel thru out our relationship. Well, we make out and we move on. :)

Persoalannya sekarang, adakah saya dari golongan materialistic atau sebaliknya?
Okay fine, aku admit lah, aku memang materialistic. Alasan aku sangat simple. Its not for me, but its for my kids. Haaaaaa... and my husband knows about it, i told him wayyyy before we got married.
I said to him 'Yes i like you a lot, and i admire every inch of you but u must know that I'm gonna marry you because i know you will be a very good dad to our babies and you will feed us good food'. (i can't remember whether i was saying it to him or giving instructions? heheh)

So, gurls out there, being materialistic tak salah if you have a very solid reason for it! but don't get me wrong here k. Being in love with someone is a feeling that you can't justify. In my case, both of us complement each other. Both of us work really hard to give the world to our kids. (Dear Tasya and Ryan, when you can read, you are soo reading this entry!)

Just like Yuna's 'Terukir Di Bintang Lyrics' and it goes like this....

Jika engkau minta intan permata

Tak mungkin ku mampu
Tapi sayangkan ku capai bintang
Dari langit untukmu

Jika engkau minta satu dunia
Akan aku coba
Ku hanya mampu jadi milikmu
Pastikan kau bahagia

Hati ini bukan milik ku lagi
Seribu tahun pun akan ku nanti
Kan kamu

Sayangku jangan kau persoalkan
Siapa dihatiku
Terukir di bintang
Tak mungkin hilang cintaku padamu

ps: Well, that's life, some are born with a silver spoon in the mouth and some are born with a plastic spoon in the mouth.

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