Thursday, March 15, 2012

Run Lisaaaaaaaa runnnnnnn......

I wake up as early as 5am almost every morning, wait for my Suboh prayers, once done, i will change to my fitness outfit.

i will go running at 6.15 am, run 6km in an hour. Then head back home to get Tasya ready for school and I'm off to work. Tiring? Not so lah, its all about the will powerrrr baybehh...

If i don't go for running, i will do workout, mostly abs, core workout. And if i don't run or workout, i will wake up feelinggg sooooo guilty.

That's usually my routine from Monday to Friday. For Saturdays, i usually don't do any workouts, except for folding clothes, washing clothes and the usual Lisasurirumah chores. On Sunday, i will usually run at BTP in the evening.

Certain things in life, you can't just buy them off the shelf, you need to work your a** out to get what you want. I'm still very very far away from what i want. But at least i tried rather than bitching about it and not doing anything kaannnnnnnnn??? (oopssss, did i say that out loud?)

mypinkNike runners just makes me runs as if I'm running in the air :)

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