Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Me, my right brain.

You know when you miss someone badly and you can't have them because they are super duper busy.
Even when they are right next to you but they seemed to be very far away.

Gosh, i miss you.

When i look into your eyes,
you give me goosebumps,
But you're just far,
Far enough for me to run and catch you,
but i just can't,
afraid i might fall,
Falling won't hurt much,
but the scar will last forever.

Gosh, i honestly miss you.

I will always love you, every day, every night till my last breath.

ps: a dearest fwen of mine told me, if we are upset or pissed, the right brain will start functioning and we will tend to write creative things, but now i'm not even pissed or upset??? errr, all my 29++ years of living and breathing, out of a sudden this right brain is functioning ... Alhamdullillah. :) pss: this entry has nothing to do with anyone even if the person is alive or dead. as i said, my right brain is functioning quite well these days... :)

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Mudd said...

nah... g buat test otak... it was fun!