Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Xie Da......

It was my Beloved Sister's Birthday yesterday. 20 March 2012, she's 8 years older than me. She's my bestest fwen which will always be by my side when i need her.

Oh XieDa ku sayang,
Even we don't see each other that often but i want you to know i always have you in my mind.
Having you in my life since i was born was the best thing ever happened.
Yes! we do have our differences in liking things, for example, she hates to shop with me because it will take me hours buying a pair of shoes and it really pisses her off big time. hahahaha..

Oh XieDa ku sayang,
Do u ever knew, i always think you are a great person, and i really look up to you as my big sister.
I always think you are a great person at heart and I'm proud to be your little sister.
And i always envy your job coz you get to meet Aaron Aziz! ku jeolous.

And XieDa ku sayang,
Sorry sebab lambat wish, but i did call you kaann.. nanti we kuar makan makan eks, macam biase lah, i order you bayar.. hahah.. thats a big sister's job kaannn!!! pay after the little sister makan..kan kan?

I love you loads lah xieda!!!
Fara doakan xieda berbahagia hingga ke ujung nyawa, dipanjangkan umur dan di murahkan rezeki.

See my big sister, tu diaaaaaa..Maya Karin! What i meant was, sebelah Maya Karin. hehehe.

ps: fara kat office lagiiiiiiii..Urgh and its 11.22pm.

pss: kakak ku sangats garangggg, she once hit a gurl bcoz that gurl bullied me. :)
psss: in case anyone is wondering why issit fara, coz my whole family calls me fara.

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