Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weighing Scales

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I'm super duper busy every single day of the week. I can't even remember the days anymore, suddenly today is Thursday. MasyaAllah, time passes really fast when your busy.

I did something extraordinary yesterday, might not be a big thing for some people but its a huge thing for me... errrr, i went to weigh my self after soooooooooooooooooooo long. hahahaha.. I'm actually afraid of the weighing scales. When i see them anywhere i will just run. I hate them. They make you feel bad of yourself, unless you're super tiny and can fit those size 00 jeans... since i'm not even close to size 00, i must say 'I hate you weighing scales'... (i need to blame something kannnn!!)

Surprisingly, i may say, my work out paid off, thanks a bunch to my Personal Trainer all the way from Fitness First, Nazmie. I honestly suffered for the first few weeks, i cried coz i cannot tahan those push ups, sit ups, planks, i seriously hate planks but its worth it.....

Running is a very good workout too, i will try to run as much as i can, either on the thread mil or in the park. I run 7km daily...

I don't eat any kind of supplements, jamu or those slimming pills and i never believed in slimming centers. Workout is the best! You will feel very healthy and it really pays.

I have reach my ideal weight, but i want to shed 3kgs more. Working out its not about having a super thin body, but its about having a healthy mind, soul and a toned body. I don't want to be super skinny, i just want to be fit and healthy.

ps: you know there is a saying that is commonly given to most married woman, it sounds like this 'haihhhh, baru anak sorang, badan dah macam kapal, dulu sebelum kawin bukan main selim lagi'... (i must say, i pun penah gak kena, dah tentu baru lepas pantang, badan kan tgh nak adjust, takkan lah anak baru kuar, terus slim kotssss??? pk lah sket makcik oooiii, orang lain ade gak perasaan, kalau makcik yang ckp tu badan macam Jessica Alba takpe lah jugak, ni makcik pun macam kapal titanic...opps!!)

pss: babe, jom jog? Jog online bole tak? i busy lah dis week... heheheheh

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Mudd said...

hahah... babe.. i dah 2 minggu jog setempat je ni... at least u stress2 keje.. u kuruss..i stress2 keje....badan naik..tett... huhuhu..