Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Muddiha is 30 years old.

Happy Birthday Babe!

Let me start off with 'being 30 is just a number', nothing much too worry about lah, after all we still look 18 kan?? hihi

Babe, how long has our friendship been? let me see, errrr 12 years babe!!

We met in Uitm dihatiku, you said hi, i said hi back, we studied in the same class, u were super clever, Dean's list every semester, and obviously you graduated with flying colors..

we have been friends for the longest time
you know me just like flipping the pages of Twilight novels
we have been together even before i met the love of my life

sometimes friendship is weird
when you expect much from somebody they will just brush you off
but when you don't care much about somebody
they seem to appear whenever you needed them the most

i may not show my 'saya sayang awak banyak-banyak ar'
but you know i will always be the friend that will look out for you
the friend that will be there for you when you need me the most

our life may not be perfect
but we try to make things to be perfect in many ways
the best part about trying is believing
and when you believe and put your heart and soul into it,
InsyaAllah, Allah will grant your wishes.

ps: for sure you're gonna cry when u read my entry today, knowing the 'cengeng' u kannn.. hahaha... i tried to copy those friendship poems off google, but i felt, it wasn't original, so what i wrote up there, came straight from my heart babe!

pss: i wanted to bring Jacob to Msia just for you, but apparently he's too busy with Bella's daughter, see that's why i never likes wear-wolfs...hahahaha.. Aaron Aziz junior ade ler kat umah, u nak?? but he's only 1 year ++ old lahh...

1 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Mudd said...

...i..seriously.. didn't expect this...........(at this moment, am in the midst of pulling myself together and... looking for...tissue. tissues.. tissues anyone.....)

Babe.. i bace byk kali... trying not to cry.... of course la gagal....

BABE..... haih.............
THANK YOU.....i love u celotssssss!!!!!!!!