Friday, November 11, 2011

Can i be a doctor mommy?

2 nights ago, my little Princess Tasya had a conversation with me, she speaks a lot these days, she speaks fluently, i guess this is what happens when you send them to school at a very early age, the tend to mature very fast and speak sooooo confidently.

Tasya told me 'Mommy, i want to be a Doctor'. I answered, "or u mean like Doctor Harjeet (his our family Doctor), she answered 'No mummy Dr.harjeet is a boy, i'm a gurl'...hehehehe..

Then i told her, yes baby, u can be a Doctor if you want to, Be a good Doctor who treats people with your heart and care for them like you care for me, daddy and ryan. Remember never let money blind your judgment. Tasya answered Yes Mummy and she said again, Mummy, i want to be a doctor. hihihi. I said Yes Tasyaaa, now go to bed before mummy rotan you. hehehhe.

(mommy tasya vewy vewy garangggg, and if u ever bump to me in kenduri's or anywhere, u will see my babies hanging on tight with their daddy coz daddy vewy vewy manja with them, or probably because mummy got spare rotan in the handbeg.hehe.)

Tasya at her Qdees 2011 concert...

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Mudd said...

babe,make sure dr. caca be our family doctorinsyaallah......babe.. fyi..she 'treated' my sprained knee previous month, i injured after playing futsal... and dr. caca was around and offered to help me....using yoko-yoko and treated my injury.. i still keep the video babeeeeeee.... haihhhh cacaaaaaa i luf u so much too.. and if your mommy babab u.. as usual.. u may use me as your...shield..... wakakakaka..