Monday, June 27, 2011

Masih di sini, PMCC.

Its Monday, well, its been 4 nights since our stay in Pantai Medical.

Alhamdullillah, Tasya and Ryan's health are improving. Tasya had a slight fever last night, Doctor stills wants to monitor her fever for 1 more night.

This is 1 of my longest stay in a hospital. Hubby also 'berkampung' here, taking care of our angels.

Everyday he will tell me, he's worried to see the kids are not well... Tak sempat I nak ngadu to him, when I hear him saying dat, my hati gooooo sooooo sayu. God, u've created a wonderful husband for me, he's a wonderful dad to our kids, aku bersyukur padamu Ya Allah.

Pa, InsyaAllah they will recover very soon, u will hear them calling papaaaaa on top of their lungs, running up and down. Insyaallah things will be back to normal very soon.
Thanks pa for being there for us..

Rainn or shine ye papa.. Hehe

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Mudd said...

haih babe.. korang semua.. cepat2 lah balik..if not..i akan marathon tdo kul 4 am..
babe.. and u pulak the strongest mummy & wife I've ever met.. :)
u guys take care.. i jenguk korang jap lagi..nak ape2..sila hantar order :) *hugs*