Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Double Celebration...

Dearest Hubby,

Thank you for the birthday gift! Best birthday gift ever la papaaa..

Thank you for the surprise dinner, gathering all my family for the dinner was a greattt idea. Well, I did smell something was going on tho, but you covered it well when you brought me for a surprise shopping spree.. the bajuuss blinded me from asking furthr question.. Hehehe..

Erm, lepas sambut birthday, its time to celebrate anibesary gak, next to each other only.. 4 years full of loveee bebeh!

Every year in June, u make me smile from ear to ear la papa! You never fail to make me happy.

May Allah panjangkan Jodoh kite, permurahkan rezeki kite, berkati kehidupan kite dunia dan akhirat, anak-anak yang soleh n solehah...Ameennnn..

Pa, 5 years we knew each other b4 we got married, the 5th year, you proposed..n we got married... Now, its been 4 years since we got married. 9 wonderful years we have been together. Wow, 9 great wonderful years being with you.

Love you with all my heart and soul.

Happy Anibesary to our marriage...

*punyalah lama tak update blog, tetiba timbul mood nak update at 5am.. Hehe.

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7 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Daddy Ocin said...

When i read your blog this morning I was at KKIA McDonald having lunch with Brother Shaiful (Sifu JCM)..I will be away from home for couple of days..Really missed you so much and the kids. Really glad that you loved your supprised..
All the idea come from Xie-da, Uncle Pehan,Mudd Fioso & G-Mama..
I'm part of the team member while they are the mastermind..hahah..Tq guys, luf you lots..

Anyway, HAPPY Birthday to you!!! Long live the QUEEN..

Mudd said...

huhu....sib baik ocin paksa u pegi jugak.. bley dia kata dia malas n tanak pegi, sbb penat? :P

happy birthday to you babe.. so..its already 4 years huh.. means..its already 4 staying wif all of you.. :)

happy birthday babe!! :)
yes.. you're the Queen of Shiba..
and behold.. you got Princess of Shiba now.. :P


nurul - ampang said...

happy belated bday dearie! love to read ur blog & happy to know u r showered with lot's & lot's of love! someone good hearted as u r do really deserve all tis....take care & kisses to ur babies!;-)

masviona said...

insyaallah lisa....aminnnn!

moga kalian akan terus berbahagia n dpt anak2 yg comel cute lagi soleh n solehah

Anonymous said...

Alhamdullilah ocin happy anniversary with yr wife.. harap berkekalan dan tidak nakal seperti dulu.. hope u di maafkan oleh org yg telah kamu sakiti dulu..even tho sukar baginya untuk memaafkan kamu and hope Allah s.w.t mengampunkan segala dosa lampau yg dilakukan amin..god bless you..

Madihah said...

Specifically to 'Anonymous'.. i don't know who the heck are you, i bet you have no guts to even put your real name....but i know lisa & ocin well. so,two words.. MOVE ON... dosa & pahala.. that is Allah's job to deal with. YOU? you've been living in your past for too long...THINK AHEAD...macam mana kita nak majuu....if i know u, i would tell you off.. so buzz off..back off..

Anonymous said...

Ya...really agree with mudd...

To 'Anonymous-your comment is like u memg dah nampak nama u kat syurga kan sampai kan u doakan utk dosa2 ocin diampunkan..but, the things is confirm u tu ke syurga sampaikan nak mendoakan org lain.. b4 nak doakan org lain, selamatkan diri sendiri dulu....that is the stupid comment yg i pernah baca & i nak ucapkan TAHNIAH LA KERANA BERJAYA HIDUP WALAUPUN TANPA MENGGUNAKAN OTAK dengan mengeluarkan komen sebegitu...