Monday, March 28, 2011

Accident, it not only hit my car, but it hit my Soul!

After so long of not updating my blog, i decided today i have to blog... (as i'm typing this entry my whole body is shaking and i'm still in shocked.. :(

I must type this entry, as it can be a precaution to myself, my kids, my friends and whoever that is reading this blog.

Around 9.30am i arrived to work, i drove as usual, used the same route, the same entry to the parking...suddenly one huge sound i heard... Bangggggggggggg... Gosh, this motorist came out of no where, hit my car.....
I was not even driving fast, as i was in the office compound... who it their right mind would drive fast when you're heading to the parking rite????

I came off the car, the motorist started shouting at me, as calm as i wanted to be, but after he starting swearing at me, n kept saying 'pompuan sume bodoh, tak tahu bawak kereta!!! (all woman drivers are stupid, don't know how to drive car)".. Dear Kate, I'm translating this for you, in case you're reading this entry..Miss you loads..
Wei, ko dah lebih sgt nie.... u tink all pompuan don't know how to drive meh??? 10 minutes of him screaming at me, shouting at me and kept blaming it was my fault that i didn't gave any signal when i turn right towards the parking lah.. i told him 'what the hell were you doing on the right lane? Shouldn't you be on the left lane????.' He paused. Then again he started screaming and saying he was all the while on the right lane... See, if he was on correct all along, he wouldn't paused when i questioned him.... but then again, people like to take advantage and try to manipulate a lady driver.
People at guilt would never stop blaming and shouting continuously!
When he was screaming, i was observing and i saw he was actually on the phone while riding his bike...
I asked him, since you're already shouting at me, what do you want me to do now? Then he said, ohhh, this month alone, he met with 3 accidents and started to show me his wounds..and he said, this was done by a lady driver as well. I smirked and told him well that is not my problem at all!
(tapi, if kite fikir betul-betul la kan, if orang tu bawak kereta or moto carefully, i doubt they would ever meet with an accident kan??) Siap tunjuk luka luka lama yang i really wanted to laugh.
Since he was creating a scene, 2 motorcyclist came towards me, well, since i'm a lady driver, and they saw this idiot was screaming at me, you think who would the side??? Yes, they help me to get rid of that particular idiot. Thank you for helping me. :)

But, i cried immediately after i step into my car, i was keeping my tears back! i wasn't that strong to held up my tears, i cried because my car was dented and the idiot left even without saying sorry!
Here goes my Monday as i thought it would be a great day to start of the week.

Herm, Thank God, I'm fine, but today's incident have change my perception towards colors.

ps: Thanks hubby for comforting me.

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Abdul Qaiyum said...

Sabar kak...motorist mmg begitu..

Mudd said...

BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... sorry kacau u tengah bz tadi..i had to call you.. babe... so glad u okay.. nanti kta crita lepas u tak bz k... selawat tenangkan your hati okay.. take care to u later.. (macam la tak jumpe balik krg.. )apepun..smua jadi ada bad it was.. insyaallah..hikmah allah tersembunyi..okay? love u loadssss!

LIP (^_^) said...

lisa pity u..tapi memang sgt geram dgn those people yg suka suki bla je mcm tu.dahla selamba je buli pompan.aduyai sabar tau. if i were u i would be crying too..

Mrs. PinkJamboo said...

Q: Thanks Dik.. haih, kerna nila setitik rosak lembu semua... :)

Mudd: babe, nanti we story mory for now, if i talk to you over the phone, for sure i nangis lagi..very the EMO today..

kak Lip: hi kak..sometimes ppl take things for granted but GOD is great, he works in mysterious way... :)

PrincessD said...

Babe!!! kesiannyer u! rupe2nyer masa i sibuk2 nk blk tghr td u baru lps eksiden la yer?? i wish i had the time to listen to you td..huhu

mmg bad day la today kan! me pon eksiden gak tp at least dpt la claim ganti rugi..u xdpt lgsg lgla sedey! sabar byk2 ye babe! dugaan tuuu..

btw,color ape yg yg langgar u td?? ;)

atty's said...

syukur lisa takde apa..
lelaki tu lak..kty rasa mmg dia jenis tak cekap..kalo dah selalu benor accident

Elyn said...

ya allah nasib la u ok beb.... so die mntk u byr ke??