Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am angry when...

Fed up! That's the best word to describe my feelings now.

Angry pun yer jugak!

Yesterday when i was just about to leave the office, masuk pulak sorang Manager nie, dok bagi i kerja.. Fine, i tak kisah nak buat kerja tu, but i'm suppose to be on leave already! The instruction has been given out by The Big Boss himself. Which part yang kau tak paham???

If setakat kerja tu kena duduk dalam office n buat report, i tak kisah, but it requires me to travel up and down, all over the places... Paham tak yang i dah tak larat nak jalan banyak, if i walk too much, bile malam nak tido, i will suffer coz my contractions will be very close to each other!

What to do, some people just don't understand. Agaknya dia ingat kita main main kot! Takpe la, i will still complete the work! Tu laaaa, sometimes bile kite dah mahir buat multi tasking, dowang pun take advantage to the max laa!

1 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Mudd said...

sabar babe...pasneh..derang terkangkang2 buat keje... and u'll on long leave..yayy..!