Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dua Dua Demam

Have not been updating my blog for few days coz Hubby and Tasya are sick. Hubby had high fever. Doctor gave him 2 days of MC to rest. Kesian hubby.

As for Tasya, she got her fever from hubby. Coz dia tak leh dok diam, dok kacau daddy dia rehat. heheh...Now, dia pulak yang demam. Lately the weather pun sgt la panas. I feel like staying in the fridge...tapi kang, keras la pulak..hehehe...

And as for me....I'm still going strong. Luckily tak sakit, if not, canner la nak jage both of them.
This week, it will be a busy week for hubby n me. We will be organizing an event this weekend. Its called 'Urban Garage'. To be exact, its a bazaar actually. Will upload the details shortly.

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