Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ke mana pergi......

Wow, sungguh backlog my blog nie. The last i updated was during Ramadan, now Raya pun dah nak abis, but i guess its never too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir and Batin.

I reckon most of you had a blast celebrating Raya this year, as for us, we had a great Raya,
Syukur Alhamdullillah.

Gosh, loads of things i want to share in my blog.... and one of it is
'ke mane pergi 'common sense' engkau?'

Common sense? I think human these days are lack of common sense. Dah la common sense kureng, adab pun tade, adeiiii, ape nak jadiiii lahhhhh!!!

I live in a Condo, and i live quite high above the ground. Obviously i have to use the lift to get to my unit. Yesterday, as usual, i was waiting for the lift, my hands was full with bags, since both of my babies dah pandai jalan, so they followed me.

When the lift door opened, a lady and her son was in the lift, u know what she did??? instead of helping me to hold the lift, she just stared at us, and because of that, Ryan almost terkepit kat pintu lift. *&^%$#%! Being a mother yang sangat protective, i almost blurted out words that is wayyyyyyyyyyy not good for my babies to hear. Such as, Si*l lahhh, puihtssss!!! but i didn't say that lah, i would never swear in front of my babies.

Haih, panasnyaaa hati i mase tu, how could she only looked without even holding the lift, aiyooooo, tada akal kah?

Again another lift incident, it happened this morning when i was about to send Ryan to mama's house, there was 2 boys was also waiting for the lift, dalam hati i told myself ni mesti 'Cikgu-Cikgu Trainee yg menyewa kat condo ni, i saw their name tag and the books they were holding', if dah nama pun cikgu, and bakal pendidik anak bangsa, by right ade lah ilmu kat kepala otak tu kan??? Well, meleset sungguh sangkaan ku itu? instead of holding the lift, i had to tahan the lift door from hitting Ryan again.

Haih, dah dua kali dah ni, my mouth almost blurted out ' kalau ni bukan lu punya tempat la..gua sudah lama rembat sama lu tau'....heheheh, but of course i did not say that.

Wahai cikgu-cikgu trainee yang tinggal buat sementara waktu kat Condo nieh, belajar lah pegang lift, eh, belajar lah menghormati orang, and please put some common sense into your brains!
One day u will be educating kids, but before u educate them, please educate yourself first! Nilai-nilai murni sangat pentingggggggggggg woahhh....

Ps: Lagi sekali if i bump into these kind of people, i'm gonna 'sembur' my words of wisdom to them. Don't play-play with me ahh, never mess with my patience k!!!!
(x caye?? cer tanye kak yumm)

3 fwens to Mrs. PinkJamboo:

Mudd said...

babeeeee..jgn cakap u..gua panasss dengar berita ni..panasssss....skali gua ciakkk baru tau....

hiiiii kalau i ade for sureeee i bagi kata tigaaaaaaaaa!

ish emo lak aku.. haihhhhhh...
ryan almost terkepittt??? panas panas...

Good father said...

Gua pon panas ini civil mind...ada otak tapi kat lutut..tada guna punya orang..

Bole bikin panas aje..kalau wa kena itu macam ar..wa bakar aje itu lif, kasi settle trus..kasi jadi abu..s**l lah, puuitts

Anonymous said...

Yup isu psl org2 yg xde sense ni mmg byk skrg..mmgla xptt dorg bt cmtu kan...Pd pndpt aku educate people like this is not by using such a nasty words like "s---" or others yg bunyinya krg ajar la.. Your kids akan terikut gak nti. My advice is u try to be patient & talk nicely when u bumP in again with all these people..api lwn api, nt lbh worse keadaanya lg..u have to remember not everyone can accept nasihat yg mrh2,rite? You kna fikir gak impact'y nti pd your babies... (nasihat jer.."org bt jahat pd kita, jgn bls dgn jahat gak..bls dgn kebaikan")